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Where World's Collide

SpringBoard Activity 2.14

C. Teague

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Where World's Collide

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
SpringBoard Activity 2.14
Where Worlds Collide
5 minute
Think about the different cultures that you interact with, etc. during the six minutes you are in the hallway during the passing period.

Describe with appropriate details the cultural components during the passing period, & the different "worlds colliding."

What are some other examples where worlds might collide?
Metacognitive Markers
* interesting

! personal connection

? question/wonder

<3 love
Questions & Textual Evidence...
Visual Representation of
"Where Worlds Collide"
Create a visual representation of "Where Worlds Collide" from the text you read today.
Pick an image from the text & recreate a visual on a piece of white paper.
Your visual must include:
Turn to your neighbor & share:
your visual representation
why you chose the words or phrases to support your visual representation
As we read use:
Circle words or phrases that convey imagery.
Square words or phrases with juxtaposition
The title of the text
Visual Representation from the text
Words or phrases included around the visual from the section you are creating
Focus Questions:
How can an author's diction & syntax shape the theme of a text?

How can you apply the same techniques in your own writing to help convey imagery?
Promised Land
Land of Opportunity
Note allusions the author uses in this work such as:
"Where Worlds Collide"
5 Minute Write
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