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No description

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Crank

Kristina: Kristina is the main character because the whole book is about her. She has a broken family. She was a goody goody before she left to spend time with her dad. She got into crank at her dad's. When Kristina is on crank she goes by the name of Bree.

Adam: He was Kristina's first kiss. He's the one that got her into crank. Adam and Kristina kind of started dating and he loved Kristina and Lince at the same time. When Adam is on crank he goes by the name Buddy.

Brendan: He's a lifeguard that Kristina meets. He helps Kristina get crank. In the middle of the book he does something really bad to Kristina.

Chase:He's a really nice guy. He treats Kristina really good. Kristina met him at the pool. He helped Kristina out when she went through a hard time. He wasn't that much into drug but he still did some crank with Kristina.

Kristina's dad: He left her when she was 6 years old. He is a druggie. He lives in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Kristina's mom: She married another guy.

Kristina's sister: Her name is Leigh. She is a lesbian. That don't talk a whole lot. She has a girlfriend named Heather.

Main Conflict
The main conflict is Kristina battling crank. She tried it for the first time and she got hooked on it. Through out the whole book Kristina is facing crank. Everyday is a struggle for her.
Kristina went to her dad's house for half of the summer in Albuquerque New Mexico. She went back to her mom's in Reno Nevada.
Kristina went to see her dad that she hasn't seen in a long time because he left her and her family when she was really young. She stayed at her dads for part of the summer. When she went to her dads she met a guy named Adam. Adam was her first kiss and boyfriend.After she went home to her moms, Adam and Kristina started seeing new people.
Rising Action
Crank is taking over Kristina's whole life and destroying it. Crank Helps here get through the day.

Narrator: Kristina is the narrator telling her story.

Point of view: First person. It's first person because the main character is Kristina and she is the one telling her story.

Theme: The main theme of crank is the drug addiction. Crank is what the whole book is about.

"Crank is more than a drug. It's a way of life. You can turn your back. But you can never really really walk away." Pg 537

"The monster will forever speak to me. And today, it's calling me out the door." Pg 537

"I watch my mom with my son, loving him.as she must have loved me. She's patient when he cries. She paces him to sleep. "Pg 536

As for the song. I had lost the melody and my will to find it. And the lyrics brought me back to the fold of the monster. Pg 467

Title Significance
The title of the book is Crank. Crank is what the whole book is about. It's about how Kristina is doing crank and how it changes her whole life around by just starting crank on a visit to her dad's house.
"The problem with resolutions is they're only as solid as the person making them. Pg 465
Falling action

Kristina was into crank. She started more drugs after but crank was her main drug that she always needed and couldn't go a day without it. Monster was her life. That is all she needed was crank to make it through the day. Then the next day it would start all over again.
It wasn't the best outcome. The last thing she said is "crank is calling me out the door ." She never stopped doing crank.
The monster is what made up the story. Crank started taking over Kristina's whole life. Kristina went to see her dad after many years not seeing him. Before she went to her dad's she was a goody goody. She never did any drugs or anything really bad. But when she went to her dad's she got into the monster (crank). That is when she met Adam because he got her into it. That is the main conflict that led up to everything else.
Holistic Interpretation
This book is about a girl named Kristina. She was a perfect kid before she made one bad choice that changed her life forever. She met the monster.
Ellen Hopkins: She was born march 26 1955.
She was adopted at birth.
She grew up in Palm Springs Ca.
She lived in a neighborhood with movie stars. She called her family "poor rich."
She found her birth mother in 2000.
She wrote the book crank because her daughter was addicted to meth "crank".
The symbol for the book is the monster (crank and other drugs). Boys are another symbol because all Kristina does is hang with boys. I think the monster is more important symbol then boys are because crank is what led Kristina into a bad spot in life. One choice led her life to go down hill.
The reason why i picked the quotes
The main reason why I picked these quotes is because they were the main ones that stuck out to me. I think those quotes have a lot of meaning to them.
Kristina got into the monster at her dad's house. Adam's the one that got her into it. After she got home everything went down hill. All she could think about was crank. That was her only need. Later on she started talking to these two guys named Brendan and Chase.
The main theme of crank is the drug addiction. Crank is what the whole book is about.
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