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Estrella Damm

Launching a catalan product to a foreign country

Laia Capdevila Arumí

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Estrella Damm

History Like many immigrants of their time, they chose Barcelona. In Alsace, towards the end of the 18th Century, people were already talking of the opportunities offered by Mediterranean countries.

* Their climate
* Their food
* Their quality of live

A group of countries which, at that time, were living the giddy days of modernism.
In 1876, August founded his beer company in order to continue doing what he had always done: produce beer, which is exactly what his children and grandchildren after him continued to do. Customer profile This product is for people upper 18 years old because it has alcohol and that's not good for young people.

Normally has a typical profile and that consist in alternative people who likes alternative music, concerts, festivals and all of that. Estrella Damm is a Catalan beer. It has been brewed in Barcelona since 1876. Estrella Damm The 4 P's Price:



place Unique Selling Proposition (USP) My product is different from the competence because it has different flavors with a striking packaging.

It's a product that you can find it in a bar, in a petrol station, in a little alimentary shops and in supermarkets. Features and benefits of the product It is a unique blend of barley and wheat malt, with orange peel and liquorice. So, it is made with all of natural ingredients.
It has got different flavors and each one with a different packaging and with different names like:

- Estrella Damm Inedit
- Free Damm
- Damm Daura If you buy one beer it's more expensive than a unity of twelve beers. In that case, one beer costs 1,5 euros and twelve beers costs 4, 90 euros.
I have to say that there are not going to be different prices for different markets. I will launch the product to all the media's communications like:
- Internet
- Television spots
- Radio commercials
- Magazines of food
and I also would sponsor my product with FCB for example.

I will also promote Damm beer in the festivals because with it people will start to drink that drink and then they will start to buy it. People are going to buy it because of his packaging. It also have his logo that it introduce to the people all his brand and his history because now it's very known.

I think that it has a good brand name because lot of people buy this brand before another. I won't change the brand name because it has a lot of history as I said before and all the consumers know it for his logo and for the different kinds of beer that Damm has. I'm going to launch my product to Netherlands because they love beer but they only have one international beer that's Heineken. For that case, I'm going to launch my product there and be competent by the other international brand.

I will sold this product at a cheaper price to Heineken beer because there the people wouldn't know my product and if I want that they buy it I would have to put it more economical. Place Price Promotion Product 2012 add 1990
add Introduction * What's Estrella Damm
* Features and benefits
* History
* 4 P's
* Unique Selling Proposition
* Customer profile
* Spots
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