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Pop Music

No description

Natalie Green

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Pop Music

Pop Music American Teen Pop What Is Pop Music? Genre of "Popular" music which originated in it's modern form in the 1950's, deriving from rock and roll. Very electric, borrows elements from different styles of music including urban, dance, rock, latin and country Elements That Define Pop Music: Short/ medium length songs
Repeated Choruses
Melodic Tunes
Catchy "Hooks" Electric Guitars Drums Bass Electric Keyboards How Pop Music Has Evolved 1800's!!! 1950's-1960's 1970's-1980's 1990's-Now Stars Of Pop Music Legends.... Michael Jackson Sold over 400 Million Records "King Of Pop" Most Awarded Entertainer Of All Time Paved the way for modern popular Music Lifestyle: Clothing/ fans Behavior Society In Justin Bieber In 5 years active, sold 15 million albums Named 3rd most powerful celebrity in the world 33 million followers on twitter Gains average 24 000 new followers daily Lifestyle Clothing/Hair/Beliebers! Behavior in society Influence To Society Pop music influences the way we dress, speak and the way we interact with each other. Stevie Wonder Patsy
Cline Frank Sinatra Johnny Cash Elvis Elton John Prince Tina Turner Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Brittany Spears Rihanna Spice girls One Direction Katy Perry Justin Bieber Ex. Y.O.L.O, Selena Gomez Clothing Line Influence.... Influence... La Fin..... 100% For Sure!!!
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