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Creating an Equity Goal for your SIP

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on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Creating an Equity Goal for your SIP

How can we make our school environment more equitable and inclusive for all our stakeholders? Creating an Equity Goal BIP: 5.5) An equity & inclusivity goal and targets will be embedded in all school and workplace improvement plans. equity delegates, after training, will support department and schools in reviewing, analyzing, and critically reviewing the school climate survey data and other data to help identify areas of need within the school. begin where we are at how do we know that? What is the evidence? Where are we stuck? . . Demographic Data . Student Achievement Data . Perceptual Data Programs & Planning •2006 Census of Population, Trillium, OtherLanguage (1st and at home), gender,Socio-economic... hiring/curriculum? •Report Card, EQAO, DRA, PM/A-j, OtherAttendance (lates & absences), Cohort trends, Credit acquisition, Student Success (graduation) •System Surveys (students, staff & parents), OtherCommunity agencies •SEF, School based, OtherInstructional Rounds- what trends are we noticing within networks. keep going back and forth with stakeholders to finalize it. Create your goal
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