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What is desuggestopedia ?

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şeydanur yıldırım

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of What is desuggestopedia ?

They hope to accelerate the process by which students learn to use another language for everyday communication.
The theory applied positive suggestion in teaching when it was developed in the 1970s.

However, as the method improved, it has focused more on “desuggestive learning” and now is often called “desuggestopedia.” .
This “humanistic approach” was developed in the 1970’s by the Bulgarian educator Georgi Lozanov. Lozanov believed that learning can occur at a much faster rate than ordinarily transpires.

He claimed that by using this method a teacher's students can learn a language approximately three to five times as quickly as through conventional teaching methods.

It strongly depends on the trust that students develop by simply believing that they will success.
Importance of suggestopedia
This method is not only in language learning,but also in producing favorable side effects on health,the social and psychological relations,and the success in other subjects.
What is desuggestopedia ?
We set up psychological barriers to learn.

One of the fundamental principles of this method is the great deal of attention to students’ feelings.
What is the goal of teacher ?
What is the role of teachers and students?
The teacher is the authority in the classroom .students must trust and respect her.

Teachers shouldn't act in a directive way
What is the nature of student-student and student -teacher interaction?
The teacher starts interactions with the whole group of students and one by one right from the beginning.

Desuggestopedia aims to establish a teacher students relation like that of parent to child.

How are the feelings of the students dealt with?
If students are relaxed and confident,they will not need to try hard to learn the language.

It will just come naturally and easily.
The culture which students learn concerns the everyday life of people who speak the language the use of fine arts is also important in desuggestopedia classes.
What areas of language is emphasized?
Vocabulary is emphasized .

Grammar is dealt with explicitly .

Speaking communicatively is emphasized.

What is the role of students native language ?
Native language translation is used to make the meaning of the dialogue clear.

The teacher also uses the native language in class when necessary .
How does the teacher respond to students errors?
Errors are corrected gently,
the teacher uses a soft voice.
Classroom set-up
Peripheral learning
Positive suggestion
Choose a new identity
First concert
Second consert
Primary activation
Role play
Creative adaptation

Tap the reserve potential for learning
Comfortable learning enviroment
Power of suggestion on learning
Soft classical music
Classes are held in ordinary rooms with comfortable chairs,a practice that help them to relax.
Double- planedness theory: conscious and subconscious
learn from direct instruction and from the environment
Environment limitations:there should be 12 students in classes.
The use of hypnosis
Infantilization learning
Motivation and self- confidence


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