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No description

Year3 Academy

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of ISLAM

Muhammed was born in Mecca.
The Qur'an
Allah is every muslims god.
Muslims pray in a mosque.
In the mosque they face the Ka'bah.
The caller of the prayer on the mineret is called Adhan.
The Qur'an is Muslims holy book.
If you would'nt read the Qur'an at all you would go to hell.
The Qur'an leads you a good life.
Allah is very kind.
If we do bad things in this world and if we say sorry to Allah he would reward us.
Muslims fast in Ramandan.
In Ramadan Muslims fast beause we are trying to feel how the poor people thirst and hunger
Ramadan lasts for one month.
When ramadan ends a celebration called Eid comes up and we are aloud to eat again!
Muhammad is a prophet.
Muhammad is the last prophet of Allah.
Muslims follow the teachings of Muhammed.
Muhammed went to Mecca and some soldiers were treating him like a baby.
Mecca is a big place for Muslims.
Muhamed was in Mecca , but he moved to a city near Mecca called Medina.
Mecca is a very old place.

You pray 5 times in a day.
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