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Copy of Hero's Journey: Iliad and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Myth and Folklore

Brandi Terral

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Hero's Journey: Iliad and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Stages of the Hero's Journey:
Ordinary World: Greece

Call to Adventure: After Paris steals Helen, Agamemnon askes Achilles to go to war with them to get her back for Menelaus and to get revenge on Paris and the Trojans.

Refusal of the Call: Achilles does not want to go fight for Agamemnon because he does not like him. He is swayed by his friend who was sent by Agamemnon.

Meeting with the Mentor: Achilles goes and talks to his mother. She tells him his fate. If he kills Hector in battle his name will live on, but he will die. If he does not fight, he will live a long life but his name will die off.

Crossing the First Threshold: The war begins with the Greeks and the Trojans.

Challenges and Temptations: Agamemnon takes Achilles' prize of honor. Achilles must decide if he will still fight or just stop all together. Allies-This includes all of the men that went with him to fight including Patroclus. Enemies- This includes the Trojans and Agamemnon.
Approach: After Agamemnon takes Achilles prize of honor, Achilles refuses to fight for him.

Ordeal: The Greeks attack the Trojan wall and many from both sides die. This time, the Trojans overpower the Greeks and they are forced to retreat.

Reward:Agamemnon admits that he was wrong and begs Achilles to rejoin the fighting. He offers him gold and gives him back his prize of honor.

The Road Back: Achilles hears that Hector murdered Patroclus. This angered Achilles so much that he rejoins the fighting and wants to kill Hector for revenge.

Ressurection: Achilles fights and kills Hector.

Return with the Elixir: After Hector is killed, it appears that the Trojans have left. The Trojans take the wooden horse into their walls that the Greeks have left for them. This allows the Greeks that are hiding inside to get into the city and open the gates for the rest of the Greeks. The Greeks take over and burn the city and Helen goes back with Menelaus.
Roles of the Characters in the "Iliad":

Hero: Achilles

Mentor: Achilles Mother

Trickster: None

Shadow: Agamemnon

Shape shifter: Helen

Herald: The man who tells Achilles that Patroclus is dead.

Threshold Guardian: Trojan Wall and the sea between Greece and Troy.
The Hero
The hero in The Trojan War is Achilles. He would be classified as an Unwilling Hero. Achilles fits this description because:
At the beginning of the story, Achilles does not want to fight for Agamemnon and is doubting if he should go. (full of doubts)
Achilles is not sure that he is willing to go fight in this war because Menelaus lost his wife. Achilles knows that Agamemnon is only going so that he can try to conquer Troy. (hesitant)
When they are first in Troy, Achilles does not fight because he is mad at Agamemnon and thinks that by not fighting Agamemnon will realize that he needs Achilles. (passive)
After Hector kills Patroclus, it makes Achilles want to fight and causes him to rejoin the war despite his hate of Agamemnon.(needing to be motivated or pushed into the adventure by an outside force)
At this point, Achilles is determined to take over Troy and kill Hector becuase he has lost the person that means the most to him.(usually change at some point and become committed to the adventure)
Central Themes
Order vs. Chaos
The Trojan War: in the ordinary world before Helen leaves Menelaus for Paris, everything runs smoothly and the two nations are not at war with each other. They had just signed a treaty and everything ws going well. After Paris takes Helen, both nations have a great war that goes on for 10 years. Many people are dying and there is no real order. Agamemnon is trying to keep order but with Achilles changing his mind on whether or not he is fighting that makes thing difficult. Compared to before the war, this is true chaos.
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