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Job-Shadowing a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer

No description

Alix Ungaretti

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Job-Shadowing a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer

Job-Shadowing a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer By Alix Ungaretti Introduction The Project Compare and contrast the two professions.
I plan on pursuing a career in these fields.
I've been involved with physical therapy since the 7th grade.
I would like to help people the way my physical therapist helped me.
I learned about different injuries, treatment options, equipment use, and about anatomy.
Multigenre Compare/Contrast Paper
Expert Advice Column
PowerPoint Researched athletic training and physical therapy.
Education requirements.
Equipment use. Different scenarios.
Used what I had learned from my project to offer advice. Combined personal experience with what I had learned from my project. Relation to project:
Involves research and education of both professions, as well as giving instruction (advice) to those in need. Project Jennifer Helmer: Physical Therapist at Northern Rockies Physical Therapy
Dennis Murphy: University of Montana Athletic Trainer Observed and discussed injuries. Discussed different scenarios and how he would deal with them as a trainer. I learned differences and similarities between both professions. Community Service Volunteered at athletic events and educational events.
Swim meets, and judged a science fair.
Relation to Project:
Worked with athletes
Judged health and medicine science projects. I learned a lot from the science projects.
I learned the importance of athletes preparation for competitive events. Conclusion Importance for athletes to maintain good health, and the differences between physical therapy and athletic training.
Importance of confidentiality for patients and documentation. My project applies to my future plans. Benefits:
Opportunity to observe 2 professions I would like to be involved in (preview to careers I'm interested in). Questions?
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