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Aiden Foster

Aiden Foster

Katrina Dye

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Aiden Foster

smart classroom products, such as smart boards, smart devices (iPad, computer, and even smart tables) should be implemented as standard in all or most upper-grade classrooms. The
of a smart table is
, combining all or most classroom technology, and some new technology, into one simple, yet
product, the smart table.
Solution: Features of Product

Lakeside 2050:The classroom
A glimpse into the future of Lakeside School District.
Aiden Foster

Even though it sounds absurd, classrooms are slightly inefficient, and students will not always be able to individually provide supplies for the classroom like pencils, paper, and journals or folders. And trends such as having technology in classrooms is improving the classroom, but they are causing problems as well.
The smart table is a great concept, an innovation of something we use everyday, but don't realize how important it can be. The individual smart table I am designing will: Recognize individual students and make automated tarty forms for the teacher every time the student "checks in" to the table via fingerprint or pass code, which is also customizable by the teacher. A tablet will be actually built-in to the table and at will be able to pop-up from the table and be used by the students, and the tablet could possibly replace the average notebook and pencil, the table will even have pop-up trays from the side containing paper and pencils that will be stocked by the teacher every time it is needed. The table will also have built-in keyboards that will correspond with the tablets and a stylus for classes that require drawing or sketching. The smart table will basically combine all of the classroom essentials into one smart device: the Smart Table.
Q. How is the durability of this product?
A. The tablets are made of crack,scratch, and water resistant glass with a chemically strengthened layer that reduces chances of getting scratched or chipped from average falls.
Q. What problem is your product solving?
Many problems, such as counting tardy students, bringing supplies to class, and not having technology in one place (computer, ipad,etc) this product takes care of all of these problems, and combines the solutions into one single smart product: the smart table.
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