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World War I

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of World War I

World War I

Each country wants to show they are the best
Serbia wanted freedom from Austria-Hungary
Countries fight with each other to gain colonies
Alliance System
Alliance: when countries agree to support each other
Triple Entente
Triple Alliance
When a country places importance on the military
Bigger military
More spending
More weapons
July 25
June 28
Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated by Serbia nationalist, Gavrilo Princip
Serbia and Russia begin mobilizing military
July 27
July 29
July 28
August 1
August 3
August 6
August 2
August 4
August 23 & 25
European countries meet to discuss crisis but Germany refuses to come
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
Russia begins mobilizing army
Germany declares war on Russia &
France mobilizes army
Germany and Ottoman Empire become allies
Germany declares war on France
Britain declares war on Germany
Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia
Japan declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary
War Begins: June 28, 1914
lliance System
Ottoman Empire joins Germany & Austria-Hungary
Italy & United States join Britain, France and Russia
Total War
Ending the War
Trench warfare - stalemate
New, more destructive weapons
The Home Front
Society changed to help the war effort
Factories mainly produced military necessities
Women gained more rights by entering the workforce
Rationing - limited amount of food people could buy
Propaganda - convinced people to join war effort
Censorship - fear of giving away military positions
Unrestricted submarine warfare
German's allowed to sink any ship without warning
November 11, 1918 - Germany & Austria surrender / Armistice
US entered in 1917 - brought fresh troops and weapons
Russia pullout of the war in 1917 after the communist revolution
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - Russia gave up territory and reparations to Germany
June 28, 1919 - Treaty of Versailles is signed officially ending the war
Treaty of Versailles
: punish Germany
: destroy Germany's navy and take colonies
: 14 Points
Woodrow Wilson - 14 Points
Establish League of Nations
Free trade
Ensure country's sovereignty
Guilt Clause
- Germany responsible for the war
- Germany pays 6.6 billion pounds
- Germany's army (100,000) & navy (6 battleships); no planes or submarines
Territory Loss
- 25,000 sq. miles & colonies
- Germany and Austria cannot be one country
Baltic States
- becomes independent states
League of Nations
- international organization created to settle disputes
During the war...
United States joins
US passenger ship Lusitania sunk by German submarines
Zimmerman note - Germany asks Mexico to invade US
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