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Candidate Experience

No description

Caitlin Hulyo

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience

Elizabeth Bousson, Caitlin Hulyo,
Danielle Mackey

Summer 2013

COS application confusing at times, uncertainty in job descriptions
Clarify internal position postings
Time between submitting COS application and receiving contact anywhere from one to four weeks
Tracking and responding within a time frame appropriate to submission
Hiring managers and recruiters should mutually understand frequency and method of communication before job is posted
Employment Application lengthy and redundant in specific areas
Job and residential history data entry back to 2007
Day of Interview
Candidates were often unsure which gate to arrive at
Improve gate sign visibility, especially considering weather conditions such as rain/snow
First impressions are critical to the candidate experience
Receiving that first warm, friendly greeting
Members of team available to introduce themselves
Shop Tour/Learning Center Tour
Having candidates stay an extra day
Interviews held in multiple locations throughout day
Centralize where interviews are held
If required to travel to a different building or site, have an escort available
Important Key Findings
Learning Center and shop tours
Exposure to the hiring manager and members of the team
The "buddy" system
GE as a "cool" brand
Treat candidates as "new customers"
Hiring managers and recruiters should plan out the hiring process and frequency of communication
Put yourself in the shoes of a candidate
Keep the candidate informed - communication is key!
Social Media and The Candidate Experience
Post-Interview/Leading up to day one
Post-interview feedback and communication are valued by candidates and critical to the experience
Follow up with feedback directly after the interview
Give the candidate a reasonable time frame
Day one can be overwhelming- receiving access
Social media can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse; a means of networking, but also an avenue for venting about a bad candidate experience
Project Objective and Goals
Every year, GE Aviation hosts hundreds of candidates for on-site interviews. Our goal is to provide the best candidate experience possible, which can only be understood by putting yourself in the shoes of the candidate

Our execution method included:
20+ new hires
GE Aviation, Healthcare and Software recruitment leaders
GE Aviation Program leaders (i.e., OMLP and EEDP)
Interview simulations
Project Scope
In Scope: U.S. only feedback from direct and mid-career hires, up until the first day of employment
Out of Scope: Campus hiring and Onboarding forward
Rescheduling interviews should take into consideration a candidate's schedule
Hiring managers give appropriate notice of changes
All pre-interview information should be understandable and clearly communicated to candidate
Site maps, interview schedule, information about GE, point of contact.
Contact candidates prior to day of interview
Pre-Interview Cont'd
Pre-Interview Cont'd
Map of Dayton-Unison
Glassdoor Example
"The hiring process is lengthy. From the time I applied for the position, it took 3 weeks to get a phone call. From the time I had the phone interview it took 6 weeks to get the on site interview. The processing of setting up the interview is quite confusing as you end up getting emails from 2 or 3 different people. The person coordinating the interview needs to work on her professional diplomacy. The interview was easy, people were friendly, but then the last step of the hiring process was horrible! Not much feedback and they do not make you feel excited about joining their team. In fact, they almost make you feel as they would be hiring you because they were asked to hire more engineers but don't really want you there! They need to appreciate it when they find good talent and respect the time of the applicant. The first impression was great but then it went down hill. The manager should have done a better job making the applicant comfortable and wanted by his organization."

Reason for Declining: "The manager should have done a better job making the applicant comfortable and wanted by his organization. It really came down to the manager's attitude. It seems like a decent place to work for but the deal breaker was the last step of the hiring process. Perhaps managers can receive training on how to find good talent, welcome it to the team and retain it. After all attracting and retaining good talent would make a difference in the future of GE Aviation."
Our Experience
Along the way, we learned ...

How to compile and organize an abundance of relative data in a variety of ways until reaching the best representation for each and every candidate experience

The potential frustrations that candidates may experience on the day of their interview, and use that learning to transform it into a possible solution

Every candidate experience is unique and having a broad understanding of best practices will allow GE Aviation to have the resources available for the best candidate experience possible
Learning Center Tour
Gate 26
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