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copy gov

No description

Linda Callender

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of copy gov

Government Vocabulary Absolute Monarchy: a government headed by a king, queen, or emperor who has supreme power.

Example country:
Oman Anarchy: No government control, complete lawlessness, no true leader.

Example: a country in political transition Communism : A political system in which property is owned collectively and labor benefits all people.

Example countries: Cuba, North Korea Constitutional Monarchy: A government ruled by a king or queen whose power is determined by the nation's constitution.

Example country: Jordan Democracy: A government that receives its power from the people.
Example countries: Mexico, Japan Fascism: A political system that promotes a central government controlled by the military and led by a powerful dictator. Federal Republic: A federation of states with a republican form of government in which the states and national government share powers.

Example country: The U.S.A. Military Dictatorship: A government ruled by a person in the military

Example Country: Cuba Oligarchy: A government in which a few powerful individuals rule. Small group. Parliamentary Republic: A republic whose head of state is the leader of the political party that has the most members of the Parliament.

Example country: India Republic: A nation in which power belongs to the people, who govern themselves through elected representative.
Example country: Mexico Theocracy: A government ruled by a religious leader.
Example: Iran Totalitarianism: A government with a dictator who has complete power over all citizens. No individual rights
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