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Concierge service for Orange Romania

No description

naresh sakthivel

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Concierge service for Orange Romania

Concierge Service for Orange Customers
Concierge Services
Concierge service of Orange will offer personalized services to individuals and corporations who desire exceptional quality of service on a moment’s notice.

We do everything the same as a concierge in a 5 star Hotel…but imagine of having your Personal Concierge over a phone call.
CustomLuxe is a dedicated platform will be available to Orange clients aiming to provide clients with a range of personal services whether it’s
Personal shopping
Travel bookings
Sold-out tickets
Once-in-a-lifetime experience, .

Modus Operandi
Concierge staffs are trained and prepared to handle client’s requests in any circumstances.

CustomLuxe will answer your request
with exceptional service. Our commitment
to the notion that quality matters is unwavering.

Services offered through Orange Conceirge Service
Restaurant reservations
Arranging for spa services
Recommending nightclubs
Booking transportation
Locations Phone numbers Timetables of Organizations
Information on currents events & exhibitions
Restaurants & night clubs bookings Advise

Private Nutritionist
Massage service
Fitness clubs bookings
Catering Drivers services
Personal Trainers
Tailors & Designers
Real Estate research
Company formation
Office Furnishing
Meeting arrangement
Local support
Legal services
Personal assistant service
Baby Sitting
Home delivery for meals/Groceries
Garden maintenance
Interior design
Telephone, Water and Electricity issues
Laundry service
Interior designers
This service provides its member with a 24/7/365 access, from all over the world.

The members have unlimited access to an exclusive range of privileges and referential rates whether it’s for business or for pleasure.
Instant message is sent to client and the travel agent with their respective contact details and timing.
Feedback system is introduced and the feedback's are collected via phone and email
Typical example of Concierge service
Customer calls and place request to book a urgent flight to Berlin
Customer care consultant confirms the location detail, date,price range and facilitate the process through the trusted travel agent and the Websites
Consultant then looks into the sophisticated ERP to get the contact details of the registered trusted partner who does the booking service
Confirms to the client with the travel agent name and contact number
Last Minute
Restaurant Booking
Favorite Concert
Don't feel lonely
Don't miss Events
Busy customers always have
some last minute requests,
sending roses or gifts while
traveling, we take care of it
with a smile.
Booking a table at the last minute in a restaurant always seems impossible, give us a chance to take care of it.
Your daughter's favorite
singer is in town and its her
birthday, you want to surprise
her by getting a seat close to the stage, we may be able to make it happen.
Any celebrity events in town get a special invite by joining our VIP program. You deserve to be taken care of in the way you desire...
Our concierge team puts to in touch with our partner agencies throughout the world to take care of you while traveling.
Option 1
Office Space & setup
Option 2
Sells the Concierge Service for a fixed price/month say 10 Euros. With around 3 million clients(50Euros+) Orange not only establishes a strong client relationship but can make a decent business out of it
CustomLuxe takes the role of the Service provider which executes the Concierge Service.
CustomLuxe manages the staff, the services, contracts with agencies, builds network, trains staff, handles all calls directly.
Provides Infrastructure office setup, etc...
which includes, telephone connections, internet links, all hardware(telephones, computers, servers...)
which includes, furniture, aircon, power backup, security etc...
Presented by
Naresh Kumar Sakthivel
Visa Processing
Travel packages
Last minute bookings
Honeymoon packages
Cruises and all inclusive services available
Hotel bookings
Meet and Assist service upon flight arrival
Limousine services
Car rental, free shuttle bus arrangements, private transfers, taxis and limousine transfers
CustomLuxe for Orange
• Monthly fee for Orange clients (ex: ___ Euros per month)
• Unlimited access to the services 7/24/365 anywhere in the world
• Unlimited information, from the most general to very particular requests
• The client places the order and any booking is done by the operator
• When calling inside the country the call is free of charge, while calling from abroad roaming fees apply
CustomLuxe App

• Online Concierge services tool can be downloaded for 99 cents
and Clients get list of services which they can access
• CustomLuxe provides the information, but no operator is involved
• All service numbers provided are Orange numbers which will generate additional revenues
• No additional costs involved as the information is already available
Celebrity Housewife
Home Maker
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