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Story Devices

No description

Heather Wright

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of Story Devices

Story Devices
techniques that writers use to make a story
more interesting and to enhance the experience for the reader

copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
hints or clues suggesting what may happen later
in a story
an ending to a section, chapter, or book that leaves
the reader in suspense
the anxiety a reader feels about what may happen
next in a story
interrupting the plot of the story to recreate an
incident of earlier time
1. What do you predict will happen next in the story?

2. What kind of mood is set from the conversation between these two characters?
Answer in your notes:
Answer on your whiteboard:
Answer on your whiteboard:
Answer in your notes:
1. Write down a few things that helped create a mood of suspense in this scene.

1. What effect did this flashback have in this scene?
(Did it give the viewer more understanding into what the character is feeling? How?)

1. Why do you think a cliffhanger may be included in books, television, or movies?
2. What mood does a cliffhanger help create? How is this different from suspense?
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