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Bruchko Vocabulary Skit


Steve Sang

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Bruchko Vocabulary Skit

The Story About What Happened to Kevin Su When Kevin was 3 years old... A portal appeared in his room In 1945........ Hitler prophesized about a future Nazi, he was afraid the Nazi tradition would be lost. Hitler had a few seconds before he died. But his heart told him that the Germans wouldn't keep that tradition. So he picked a person from a small island of his closest ally. "Formosa" The chosen one was a chieftain of a aboriginal tribe. But he was too old! So it was the 100 year old chieftain's grandson who was appointed. On Janurary 18th, 1997 the appointed one was born. Important Notice: This may seem bad at first but the story will end happily :)
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