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The Congress of Vienna

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able can

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of The Congress of Vienna

Napoleon's Costly Mistakes
After the fall of the Empire
The Congress of Vienna
The Legacy of the Congress
A Conservative Europe
The Principles
1. The setback from sea battles and the continental system;
Reshape the European political landscape for the next 100 years until World War One;
How to deal with Napoleon's collapsed empire and restore the peace in Europe?
Who were the major players in the congress?
Holly Alliance and the Concert of Europe: combating the potential revolution;
The Containment of France
A New European Order after the French Revolution
The Congress of Vienna
Why did Napoleon's Empire collapse?
2. The Peninsular War in Spain and the rise of nationalism;
3. The huge loss from the Russian Campaign;
The Key Issues to consider:
How to deal with the changes of ideas brought by the Revolution?
How to re-define the boundaries within Europe and maintain peace?
Sep. 1814 - Jun. 1815
What were their ultimate goals in the meeting?
Did they uphold or reject the ideas from the Revolution and Enlightenment?
Balance of Power
Strengthen the weak countries around France
No country could easily overpower another
the return of the former monarchs
What was ignored by the Congress:
Republicanism and democracy
A Victory for Conservatives
A lasting peace for the next 40 years;
Politics factions were hidden but never disappear: Conservatives VS Liberals;
The first needs of society are and remain the same...stability...we are convinced that society can no longer be saved without strong parts of government. By this course the monarchs will fulfill the duties imposed upon them by Him, to watch over the maintainance of justice...Let the great monarch strengthen their union, and prove to the world that it is beneficial to be united. It ensures the politcal peace of Europe. --Metternich
The struggles for democracy and national independence became the major sources of turbulence in 1800s Europe;
The Congress, emerging as the first European joined efforts to keep the peace, which inspires later international organization, e.g. National League and United Nations.
The Battle of Waterloo
During the Congress: Napoleon was back!
The Hundred Days: Mar. 1815 - Jul. 1815
Louis XVIII: No more absolute monarchy
No more divine right of kings;
Charter (constitution ) passed in 1814;
Feudalism could not be restored;
Continuing religious toleration guaranteed;
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