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Pocket Flag Project

No description

Jack Klitgaard

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Pocket Flag Project

What is the Pocket Flag Project?
A project whose goal is to try to put a flag in every active serviceman's pocket
We are proposing to fold 300 pocket flags to send to active troops
Why are We Proposing This?
We strongly believe in helping the active servicemen
Another purpose is to empower Harlan Community students through involvement with this project

The Pocket Flag Project

What Are We Asking For?
The cost of 300 flags and 300 bags, along with copy costs, is $117
We are asking you, as previous servicemen, to help us put a little piece of home in 300 active servicemen and women's pockets.
Organized by Jack Klitgaard, Joe Evans, and Rhett Anderson
We are asking you for any funds you would be willing to donate to help us help the servicemen
Our other potential funding options include the Scouts, private donors, and others
Thank you so much for your consideration!
Do You Have Any Questions?
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