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The National Speech and Debate Association or the NSDA is

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Batman Wayne

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The National Speech and Debate Association or the NSDA is

The National Speech and Debate Association or the NSDA is a honor society established to encourage and motivate American high school students to participate in and become proficient in public speaking.
The Nsda is one of four national organizations which direct high school competitive speech and debate events in the United States.
There are many notable alumni that participated in the NSDA such as Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt
There are 17 official events that are hosted (but not every event) at the national speech and debate tournament
The other three are the National Catholic Forensic League or NCFL, the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association or NCFCA, and Stoa USA.
These events are separated in two different groups...

Debate & Forensics!!!
You earn points while participating at tournaments
When you earn these points you get yourself a fancy new rank. Also, a gem stone to go with it (on your fancy NSDA pin)

These ranks are:
(Special Distinction gems)
Also for participating in tournaments you get your very own shiny!
Or better yet...
You go to Nationals in your event and get a "Special" Nationals Shiny!
The Debate Category's are....

Policy Debate
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Public Forum Debate
Congressional Debate
Supplemental Debate

And Forensics....

Official National Tournament Forensics(Not All of the Events):
International Extemporaneous Speaking
U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking
Original Oratory
Dramatic Interpretation
Humorous Interpretation
Duo Interpretation
Extemporaneous Commentary
Expository Speaking
Impromptu Speaking

Reasons why you should Join!
You get to have lots of fun with the squad and the opportunity to get lots of shiny's, letter and a honor cord!
Also you can get debate and forensics scholarships. Speech and debate students have a significant edge in college admissions.
Speech and debate participation provides real cognitive and behavioral outcomes such as Improving reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills
◦ Improving critical thinking skills

Good luck winning shinys!
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