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Who am i

No description

Lauryn Walker

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Who am i

who am i By: Lauryn Walker 709 This prezi will help you to understand,
a little bit more about myself. Hobbies My hobbies aka "THE THREE S's" are find me doing on my free time.
playing Sports (soccer)

Singing: I love to sing any and every
Playing sports: I love to play most play soccer.
Shopping: ILOVE to shop, i mean mean for girls. what you would type of song. sports but i mostly was practically My Soccer Club Best Friends Many people think that, if someone asked you who are your best friends, that their asking who are all your friends. I think that your best friends are the people you've known the longest out of all your friends. My best friends are Ciera Thompson, Juwan Jeffery, and Rene Muir, and Ashley Wong, they are my best friends because they were the first friends that i ever had. And even though i met Ashley last year, i think of all them as family. Best Friends Forever!!!!! My Dog I have an ADORABLE little dog. My dog's name is Krystal, and she is, half cocker spaniel, half poodle. We've had Krystal for 2 years and she is my sister. But in dog years she's about 14 years old. Role Models I have a few people that i look up to, that inspire me to do better, and that i use to guide me through life. These people are my true roles.

Justin Bieber: he is a role model because he shows kids that you can be anything.
My Parents: they are role models because they have been teaching my all my life, why stop now.
Jesus: he is a role because i (as a christian) believe that he is my father and crater and the one who has done so much for me and everyone.
The Bible: even through this is not a person it is a role model to me because it is my handbook to a good life and to upstairs.
Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood: they are my role models because, they (including JB) are some of the people that have inspired my to start singing. Family My family is the most important part of my life. Family means the world to me, even when have to brothers like mine, but in the end we're all really close. Every one in my family is different, for example............
Dad: my dad loves sports, and he'll be up to learning any new sport(s).
Mom: Doesn't play sports, but loves MATH!!!!!
Nathan: The mini dad.
Bryden: Loves everything.
Me: i just be myself:) My Life I am a Canadian baby, and i was born April 19th 2000, on my grandmother's birthday.
i am:
Jamaican and
Myself if you ask some people they will tell you that i am a very unique person. For example i sometimes will get random clothes put them together and wear it, weather someone likes it or not.
i also am i very weird person sometimes i will done the stupidest thing because that is who i am so deal with it!!!! My Dream Profession i can't decide on what i want to do when i grow up, i can't choose between:

A Photographer
A Baker
A Teacher
Or a pro soccer player
When i was younger........ That's all you need to know about me thanks for watching
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