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Matyi Szulyák

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of EDM

History of EDM
- Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a set of electronic music genres produced by DJ's.
- The EDM acronym was adopted by the American music industry. The other dance music communities questioned if the definition of EDM is true for all kind of electronic music, later the name associated with many popular sub-genres (later about genres) in the U.S. (electrohouse, brostep).

-1977: Giorgio Moroder and vocalist Donna Summer: "I Feel Love", a groundbreaking discotheque with NO real instruments.
(Yes, it's very boring. :c)
Before EDM...
-Before EDM, there was club music, which started with a U.S. originated uptempo disco music genre, called Hi-NRG (high energy)
-EDM didn't get a lot of popularity in the U.S at first (it was called electronica by some people)

Modern "journey" of EDM
The mainstreamness of EDM:
-In 2009, French DJ David Guetta began to gain popularity in mainstream pop music, which was popular in both pop and dance music charts.
-In 2011, Spin started a "new rave generation" led by:
David Guetta
In collaboration with:

Calvin Harris Afrojack
EDM festivals
-Love Parade (1989 - 2010) was a popular German dance music festival that ran until 2010 when it was permanently cancelled after a crowd rush at the Love Parade caused the death of 21 people, with at least 500 others injured.

-Mayday (1991–Present) in Dortmund, Germany. Some Mayday events took place in Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany.

-Street Parade (1992–Present) in Zurich, Switzerland. It is the most attended technoparade in Europe, since the end of Love Parade 2010.

-Boom Festival (1997–Present) in Portugal started out specializing in Psy-Trance, but eventually moved to expand into House and forms of chillout.

-Creamfields (1998–Present) Based in the UK now tours all over Europe as well as hosting their main event in Daresbury, England.

-Sensation White/Black (2000–Present) started in the Netherlands, spread across Europe, and first made it to the United States in 2012. Dependent on the event (White/Black) attendees would dress solely in that colour.
Global Gathering (2001–Present) takes place annually at Long Marston Airfield, England and has spread out across Europe..
-Bang Face (2003–Present) is well known as one of the more broader ranged dance music events that takes place annually in the UK.

-Q-Dance (2003–Present), based in the Netherlands, is a leading hardstyle event.

-Urban Art Forms Festival (2004-present) is Austria's largest electronic music festival.

-Tomorrowland (2005–present) takes place in Boom, Belgium and has become a notable music festival due to its elaborate themes and stages. Stands today as one of the biggest upcoming festivals in the world.

-Ultra Europe (2013–present) take place in Hvar, Croatia and is a new European edition of the Ultra Music Festival stationed In Miami, FL and played here top DJ´s.

-Defqon.1 Festival (2003–Present) in the Netherlands is one of the biggest hardstyle festivals in the world.

-Weekend Festival (2012–Present) aims to be the biggest electronic music festival in Scandinavia. Festival is held in Helsinki, Finland

-Electric Castle Festival (2013–Present) is a medium sized electronic music festival taking place annually at the end of June on Bánffy's Castle Domain in Cluj county, Romania.

-Dominator (2005–Present) takes place at the E3-strand in Eersel, Netherlands.

-Electrobeach Music Festival (EMF)(2009–Present) aims to be the biggest electronic music festival in France. Festival takes place annually at Port-Barcarès, France.

-Dreamland (2014-) in Ancient Olympia, Greece aims to promote different types of electronic music, art and culture as well as to awake the participants’ ecological consciousness
-Originated in Chicago in early 1980's
-For dance purposes, not necessarily only electronic music.
-Lots of melody, often vocals, buildups, drops.
-3 notable sub-genres: Deep House, Progressive House and Nu-disco (Nu-House)
Deep House
Relaxing beats, light "drops", often (female) vocals
Progressive House
Long and huge buildups, just as huge drops, but usually very light beats and peaceful melodies.
An older house sub-genre, discolike beats
One of the youngest genres of EDM, originated in London, UK.
Unique rhythm and wobble bass, and rewinds.
Devastating and long drops.
Notable subgenres: Brostep, Chillstep (Liquid Dubstep), Drumstep, Futurebass
Okay, this example features a lot of vocal and melody, but still dubstep.
Can't really describe it. More playful beats, "fresh" drops.
Yeah. Skrillex. (He's BROSTEP and not DUBSTEP. K.)
Drumbased beats, drumbased drops. Drumbased pre-drops, drumbased buildups. Vocals are not drumbased (usually).
Futuristic, yet regular beats, often combines oldschool elements with newer or futuristic ones (steampunk). For example: jazz+dubstep
Chillstep, often Liquid Dubstep
Chillstep by itself is not a subgenre, but many people call it so. It's very relaxing, "chill", and has beautiful vocals along with melodies. Liquid Dubstep is chillstep mixed with some light drums, and it makes the listener feel the music "flow".
Doesn't really have many subgenres
Beats can vary from agressive to relaxing, but it's usually some "listening disco music" and basic "electronic sounds"
Songs used:
-House: Jasmine Thompson - Ain't Nobody (Felix Jaehn remix)
Archie - Kingdom
Televisor - Neon
-Electro: Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected
-Dubstep: Pegboard Nerds - Here It Comes
Skrillex - Bangarang
Rootkit - Against The Sun
Varien & Razihel - Toothless Hawkins (and his robot jazz band)
Crywolf & Ianborg - Runaway
Skylar Grey - Coming Home (A.N.O remix)
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