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Tiffani Butler

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Reebok

Reebok Presentation Part 1:
Marketing Target

Males ages 12-24
Value Proposition & Positioning
"Be the leading global retailer of athletically inspired shoes and apparel."
Communication Objectives & Strategies
Promotions and products cross over, and they use communications in-store to get people to go online
They have seen good growth and won awards for mobile and digital sites - Customers are using mobile ore and more to shop and buy, so Foot Locker is giving them the latitude to shop and buy where they want
Major Selling Idea
To sell the top-branded athletically inspired shoes and apparel
To be the top selling athletic brand appealing to all generations, while staying progressive with today's technology and social media

Reebok Classics
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Acquisition: Acquire new customers based on Reebok Classic positioning
Marketing Target
The shopper is the consumer
Men, 18-29 who are into sneaker culture
Fast-follower, seeks friends' approval of what he wears and who he is, life isn't filled with the hustle on the streets, but is style is price matters
Value Proposition & Positioning
Reebok is a relevant brand and sneaker with style
More for less

Past Sales Promotion Learning
SP Campaign Themes & Creatives
"Life is a beat, work out to it."
"Live with fire."
"Our sport has no sidelines."
"Run easy, individuality"
"The sport of fitness."
"It takes a lot to make a classic."
Sales Promotion Techniques
Coupon & deals
Free trial, e-coupons, friends & family deals, special pricing, online discount codes
Strengths & Weaknesses of Sales Promotion
Strengths: Easily available, high profile features (athlete, celebrities), brand identity
Weaknesses: Too many price offs, not yet considered a go-to brand
Selected Retailers Marketing
Selected Retailers - Marketing & IMC Strategies Analysis
Its main objective is to satisfy core consumer's wants and needs
Be the power merchandiser of athletics, footwear and apparel with clearly-defined brand banners
Sports marketing, grassroots and community-based programs that are tailored to increase brand awareness and further strengthen each division's relationship with its customers.
Foot Locker Inc. Objectives:
Develop a compelling apparel assortment
Make stores and internet sites exciting places to shop and buy
Increase the productivity of all assets
Build on the industry leading retail team
Selected Retailers Marketing
Additional Key Consumers (Target) Insights:
What key lifestyles-based behaviors & attitudes for this target:
Seeks friends' approval of what he wears and who he is
Interested in lifestyle and expression

What key purchase behaviors for the product category and maybe even the specific product:
Life isn't filled with the hustle on the streets, but his style is, price matters

Sales Promotion Objectives and Techniques are most commonly used for this target:
Generate Trial
Increase In-Store Presence
Increase Purchase Frequency
Continuity Program
Cause-Related Promotion
Specialty Container
Selected Retailer - Sales Promotion Analysis
Overview of Sales Promotion Activities :
Footlocker -
20% off military discount, free shipping on orders over $75 and Instagram/Twitter feature contest
Reebok -
Email sign up for exclusive offers and promotions
Most Frequent Sales Promotion Objectives:
Footlocker -
Increase distribution outlets, increase in-store presence and increase transaction size
Reebok -
Increase shelf space, increase purchase frequency and generate trial
Most Frequent Sales Promotion Targets and Desired Results:
Footlocker -
Athletes ages 10-30 who live near a shopping center. Desired result is to increase usage and cross sell.
Reebok -
Men and women ages 15-30 who like casual and practical athletic wear.
Most Frequent Sales Promotion Techniques:
Footlocker -
Promotional campaigns, military discount and free shipping
Reebok -
Email Coupons

Footlocker and Reebok are effective partners because Reebok gets an extra distribution outlet and Footlocker gets to cross sell its product. Both use sales promotions techniques to drive sales.

Imagine Brief
Key Issues:
Not promoted properly
Visually unappealing
Out of sight
Competitors are more noticeable
Brand Truth:
Reebok is timeless and reaches all generations who want a stylish classic look.

The millennial generation wants to be ahead of trends and introduce new things to everyone around them.
Our goal is to incorporate the various art forms (movement, music, visual art) to remind customers why Reebok is a classic household brand name.
Getting the target market involved is a key component because the target wants to be involved, feel special, and want to express themselves creatively.
Reebok customers love music and Foot Locker loves to please it's younger target market. Introducing creative propositions into Reebok's and Foot Lockers sales promotion concepts will increase interest.
Creative Pitch
Top 3 Promotion/Promotional Campaign Concepts Statements (with rationals)
B Boys Campaign (contest)
Music Campaign (gift with purchase)
Art & Expression Campaign (specialty container)

Break dancing represents an energetic and aerobatic style of street dancing. B-boys represent an extreme level of athleticism, timing, talent and dedication. Reebok is the shoe that represents the b-boy lifestyle.
Expression through movement.
• SP objective:
- Increase in-store presence
- Increase purchase frequency
• SP target:
- On-the-go male
- Age 12-24
- Quick on his feet
- Likes comfortable shoes
- Doesn't follow up-to-date trends
• SP Desired result:
- Increase usage
- Reinforce behavior
• Expected Consumer (Shopper) experience:
- Take note of campaign
- Buy a pair of Classics
- Follow up with video
• How it works
- B Boys upload a contest video dancing in their Reebok Classics. Top video will win two tickets to see America's Best Dance Crew Live and dance with the cast.

HIP-HOP Classics
Hip-Hop music took America by storm in the 70's. Block parties started it and Hip-Hop legends refined it. Artists like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z paved the way for the Hip-Hop culture to flourish. It's about competition, skill and standing out in a crowd. Entertainers wear Reebok Classics because they need a straight-to-the-point shoe so their raps will do the boasting.
Expression through music.
• SP objective:
- Purchase frequency
- Transaction size
• SP target:
- Ages 12-24
- Listens to Hip-Hop music
- Kendrick Lamar fan
• SP Desired result:
- Increase usage
- Temporarily boost sales
• Expected Consumer (Shopper) experience:
- Consumer will take note of campaign
- Pick out favorite pair of Classics
- Enjoy free gift with purchase
• How it works
- Shoppers who buy Reebok Classics will get a free Kendrick Lamar Album. The concept is music. We will run through the Hip-Hop "classics" through advertisement and commercials

Creative Graffiti
The attitude about graffiti is changing. Before, it was (and many times still is) illicit, disrespectful and simply put - vandalism. But artists like Bansky changed that mentality. This creative art form defines the zeitgeist of our time. Graffiti art is about imagination, rebellion, culture and creation. And if you don't like it, you can paint over it. Reebok Classics are like a blank canvas. With the magic touch of an artist like Banksy, Classics can be a practical work of art.
Expression through art.
• SP objective
- Generate trial
- Increase purchase frequency
• SP target:
- Males 12-24
- Likes to make a bold statement
- Artistic
• Expected Consumer (Shopper) experience:
- Takes notice of bold colors on the shoe
- Recognizes the work of graffiti artist
- Buys shoe
• How it works
- The concept is art and expression. Graffiti artist will be featured. He will design his own pair of Reebok Classics and release a line exclusively to Footlocker

Creative Considerations:

The target likes to receive special offers that make them stand apart from others. They are willing to try new things and become loyal fans of trend. They also are price sensitive which makes sampling and price-off key components of how to reach the target.
Any key distinctions between the product target and the retailer consumers?
Footlocker itself appeals to a younger and more stylish generation of people.
Footlocker features various options, which the target like because they are adventurous and willing to try new things.
The target is a stylish and trendy individual who likes to be the first to know about trends and is willing to try new things to be ahead of everyone. The target is price sensitive but willing to spend if they feel it's worth it.
Additional Key Consumer (Target) Insights:
Tiffani Butler, Falyn Swerer, Sean Scott, Lilly Truscott, Stephanie Robinson, Gena Currie-Naffin
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