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No description

morgan walthers

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of poetry

Sesory 5 w's Found Ballads lake
water comb and still
freshly made smores
hoping the day will never end a little girl
dressing her dolls up in dresses
after school
on her bed room floor
because every little girl wants to be a princes My Room
clothes on the floor
homework on my desk
bed is still a mess
laptop my bed
door stays shut Cinquain Limerick Acrostic there once was a guy named Bill
he ran till he fell down a hill
he roled and roled and hit a pole Free verse School
locks on lockers
classroom doors shut
teachers teaching their classes
students learning sunset
breath taking,magical,
is in the sky almost every night
nightfall school
the halls almost emty
the teachers talking
food being made in the foods room
i can't wait till i can go home their once was a bear in a tree
alla sodon there was a bee
the bear gave the bee a munch and a crunch
and finally the bearlet the bear free study
Home work
learn butterfly's fly carelessly through the sky showing ough their bright coulerful wings,not caring what any one thinks concreat stars
shining high in the sky
twinkling all night long
its there night after night (could not figure out how to put picture on prezi) couplet Quatrain haiku sitting in my bed
not knowing what to write
it's not so easy Bees
buzzing bees going from flower to flower
colecting nector for their queen
hoping that they do not have to sting
and also not to be seen lying on the sand wachitng the sun go down
once it is down every one frowns Butterflys
flying high in the sky
showing off their wings
disapeares inthe winter and comes back in the spring
dreding the day we have to say good by
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