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Google+ for Recruiting

social recruiting | talent sourcing | interim recruitment | recruiting consultancy

Oscar Mager

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of Google+ for Recruiting

Wie gebruikt Google+? Wie gaat Google+ gebruiken voor Recruiting? social recruiting | talent sourcing | interim recruitment | recruiting consultancy Recruiting Essentials helps companies to find talent and enhance recruiting practices, leveraging social media for recruitment. Social Recruiting Specialist

+31 6 1884 5696


@oscarmager | @RecruitingWorld
skype:recruitingessentials Oscar Mager Talent Sourcing
Social Recruiting & Online Employer Branding
Interim Recruitment
Recruiting Consultancy & Training Expertise Facebook or Google+ Google+ Launched June 28th
No Business Profiles (at start)
Invitation Only
Fast Growth
Google+ for Recruiting Elements
New Google+
Talent Sourcing and Google+
Engaging and Google+
Hangouts for Recruiting
Social Integration
What's next Wie gebruikt Google+? Elements Circles
Instant Upload
Messenger (Huddles) Google+ API
Broadcasting + Recording Hangouts
Google Docs Sharing
Branded Hangouts
Mobile Hangouts

Open Beta
Improved Search
Google+ Hangouts API
Sharing Circles New Google+ Google+ Open Beta 43,4 million users
+1269% traffic Male / Female / Other Sourcing Google+ Search
X-Ray using Boolean Search
Other Tools using Google+
"software developer"
"lived * Amsterdam" X-Ray How many recruiters are on Google+? Tools bit.ly/PlusSearch

'Fresh Data'
'Real Names Policy'
Links to other social profiles "recruiter" OR
"talent acquisition" OR "resourcer" OR
"recruitment consultant" OR "sourcer" 1.2 mio+ recruiters 'Social Recruiting is about getting engaged and having conversations with people before they are even thinking about you as an employer' Engaging and Google+ Google+ Hangouts
Circles, Sparks, Messenger Social Integration Import contacts LinkedIn and Facebook

Mobile: Android and iPhone App

Browser Extensions and Add-ons for Chrome and Firefox G+me: http://huyz.us/google-plus-me/
sgplus: http://sgplus.me/ What's next? Business profiles
Google API: Referral and Job Apps
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