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Geography- Sustainability

Geography revision guide

Geethma Aponsu

on 25 July 2011

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Transcript of Geography- Sustainability

Sustainability Green House Gases 1.The Sun’s rays enter the Earth’s atmosphere.
2.Heat is emitted back from the Earth’s surface.
3.Some heat passes back out into space.
4.But some heat is absorbed by carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and becomes trapped within the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth becomes hotter as a result. Evidence of climate change Mountain glacies are shrinking and becoming thin Weather change (long winters) Extreme drought in Australia caused terrible forrest fire 2008/9 Changing wild life behaviour
Insects hatching earlier
Flowers blooming early/late Polar bears fertility decreases because they aren't as fat now the sea ice in artic now melt three weeks earlier More intense and violent storms such as hurricane Katrina We now have more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than before due to Ice core evidence Effects of global warming Human Physical Homeless Death Crop failure Shortage of food Running out of resorces leading to war Cold winters Water shortage Hot summers Diseases due to polution Unsustainable development Sea levels rising Weather changing Change in wild life behavious Ice caps and glasiers, especially in polar areas will melt The distribution of precipitation will alter with some places becoming wetter and stormier Draughts Rivers dry out Crops might not grow Certain types of plants won't grow Hurricanes Deaths of animals due to food shortage Climate change effects in UK Positive In a cold country, area of celreals will increase Higher yields of potatoes and tomatoes Maize, vine, oranges and peaches will be grown in shouthern England Mediterranean summers attracting tourists Length of growing season will increase Trees such as pine will grow higher up hill side Plants ans shrubs will be able to grow further north Arctic plants will face extinction Insufficient snow for winter sports More pests and diseases will exist due to mild winters Many coastal parts will flood Greater risk of forest fires Sea defences will cost a lot Vaulnerable farmland lost House of Parliament and Trafalgar square will flood. The Thames barrier will be ineffectual Negative What can you do to prevent climate change? Individual Action Energy saving light bulbs Buy products that are in season Watch less TV Have showers instead of bath Recycle Turn the heating down and wear jumpers Cavity wall insulation Public transport Reuse plastic bags Walk Double glazing Solar Panels International Actions KYOTON
Set up in 1997
37 of the richest countries agreeing to reduce their greenhouse gas emission
Gives each country a limit of greenhouse gas emissions they can make.
Some countries don't like this because MEDcs was developed earlier therefore used to make alot of greenhouse gas. Developing countries would want to develop first Climate Change The change of global temperatures from periods of cold to periods of warm weather. This is a natural process. Greenhouse Effect Heat escaping from the Earths surface is reabsorbed & reflected by certain gases in the atmosphere. It is natural and vital Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Impact of people increasing the GHE by the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation What is global warming? Global warming is the increase in world temperatures over the last century.
Global warming is a type of climate change and causes other types of climate change e.g. increased rainfall How does the greenhouse effect cause global warming? There is a scientific consensus (general agreement) that global warming is caused by human activity.
An increase in human activities such as burning fossil fuels, farming and deforestation has increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Greenhouse gases trap the reflected heat off the earth’s surface
Greenhouses gases trap heat, so by adding to the thickness of the greenhouse gas layer, the world is heating up.
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