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Jack and the magic wand

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Jack and the magic wand

John and the magic toys
Then he told about his dream to his grandparents. They said" its okay, you can take your breakfast". Then he lived happily ever after with his toys.
So John went to the toy store with his grandparents. John searched for his favorite toy "lego"and he found it. Then his grandparents bought him the toy. John felt very happy and they went back to their house.
His grandparents came running to his room hearing the noise. They saw him sleeping. They woke him up. He got up shouting cruel toys get out of my room. Then he opened his eyes and saw his grandparents. They asked what happened. To his surprise he saw all his toys lying there. Nothing had been changed into real.
John played with his legos building houses and trucks. It became dark. John took his dinner and went to the window. He saw a shooting star and he made a wish. He wished "my toys should become real tomorrow". Then he went to bed.
In the morning he suddenly woke up with a start. He was so happy that his toys were real. The toys said" hello john". He said" hello toys". John said "I'm going to brush my teeth." The toys also followed him. He said," don't follow me toys". The toys became cruel and john shouted for help.
Once upon a time there was a boy named John. He lived in a town with his grandparents. One day he asked his grandparents to buy him a toy. His grandparents told okay.
The end
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