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Alex avera

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Anthem

Anthem Chapters V-VIII What did equality intend to do with his discovery What is the world counsel of scholars why is it significant Why now does equality feel the need to guard his tunnel Why does equality want, for the first time, to see what he looks like? Why was Equality put in the palace of corrective detention How was he treated in the palace Why was he able to escape from the palace, and why was it suddenly necessary to escape? Why did equality not try to escape earlier? In this chapter, how does Equality refer to the pages that he has been writing Why does equality say, “we are old now, Yet we were young this morning…?” What happened when Equality Presented his discovery to the world counsel of scholars? When Ayn Rand writes, “for their eyes were still, and small, and evil”. What does she really mean? How do you know this? Why is the world counsel of scholars concerned about equality’s discovery? Where does equality go and why? Why does equality experience a pride in eating What else does equality discover in the forest Why is he not concerned about being one of the damned Equality discovers electricity and wants to show it to the counsel. The World Counsel is a group of the wisest elders/ leaders. Equality feels the need to guard his tunnel now because of his discovery of electricity he doesn't want anyone to find it and he doesn't want to get in trouble. Equality wants to see what he looks like now because no ones ever seen what they look like before and he feels he needs to see what he looks like now. Equality was put in the palace of corrective detention for being out past "curfew". And for not saying why he was out so late. In the palace Equality was basically beaten they wanted him to tell why he was out so late. But he wouldn't tell so he continued to be punished. Also he was given very little to eat. Equality was able to escape the palace because it was old and not very well protected. It was necessary to escape because the world council of scholars was coming the next day and he had to show them his discovery. Equality didn't try to escape earlier because there was a chance he could get caught before he was able to show the world counsel his discovery. He talks about the light he has been writing. " the greatest gift ever offered to man". Because he feels that in the time that has passed from morning to that point he has grown and learned years worth or knowledge and gained years worth of strength he feels stronger smarter and more experienced than ever before. When Equality presented his discovery the counsel was startled for someone to have the audacity to come before them with something so individual trying to make themselves look smarter was a huge problem. She means that they were astonished and angry. Because this is used right before he gets in trouble, and you can just assume that's what it means. Because it is so much power for one to have found and it is making him seem like an individual and making him looks smarter than them. The uncharted forest. So he doesn't get caught or in trouble for what he has done. And so he can protect his discovery. Because it was the first time he had ever made a meal for himself. In the forest Equality discovers what he looks like. He is happy that he is free so he is not concerned about being one of the damned. By: The Best Group Ever (;
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