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2015 Year in Review

No description

Damian Harris

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of 2015 Year in Review

ARC Discovery - $ 3.36M
ARC Discovery Early Career Research - $ 334,000
ARC Linkage - $2.94M

NHMRC Projects - $4.6M
NHMRC Career Development Fellowship - $734,000
NHMRC with other institutions- $5.6M

Congratulations to all Sciences staff who were promoted in the last round
Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor
Congratulations to the School of Information and Communication Technology ranked #1 for student satisfaction in the Course Experience Questionnaire.

A successful year of grant rounds including:
To Professor Ron Quinn AM for his 12 years of service as Director for the Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery.
Big Thank You

To Associate Professor Francesca Iacopi for her appointment to the inaugural Advance Queensland expert panel.
To the Centre for Coastal Management winning two awards at the 2015 Australian Coastal Awards:
Overall research
Community Engagement
To Professor Darryl Low Choy being made a Fellow of the Planning Institute Australia.
To Associate Professor Helen Stratton, Executive Manager of the Smart Water Research Centre, awarded the Australian Water Association's Queensland Water Award for Distinguished Service.
Griffith Aviation’s new flight simulator was officially launched at the Nathan campus on 18 June 2015.  
To Professor Mark von Itzstein and
Professor Michael Good, from the Institute for Glycomics, who have been honoured with election to Fellowships in the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.
Congratulations to everyone for putting together the new Bachelor of Computer Science starting in 2016

To Professor David Lambert for your service as Dean Research.
To Professor Richard John for your service as Dean Learning and Teaching.
To Professor Abdul Sattar for his
years of service as Director Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems.
Big Thank You
ARI will be the new international headquarters for the Global Water System Project (GWSP), currently based at the University of Bonn in Germany, which will relocate to Brisbane as the newly named Sustainable Water Future Program.
Welcome to Dr Anik Bhaduri who is relocating from Bonn to Brisbane to lead the Program.

Global Leaders
To Professor Stuart Bunn, Director of the Australian Rivers Institute was awarded the Ecological Society of America (ESA) Honorary Membership Award, a major international honour for his contribution to ecology.  

To the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management for securing a further commitment of  $4.4M to the Centre with a visit from Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate.

To the Urban Research Program and Associate Professor Jason Byrne for winning the national award for
Cutting Edge Research and Teaching
at the Planning Institute of Australia’s National Awards for Planning Excellence 2015.
IMPACT @ Griffith Sciences 2015
Social Media 2015
Massive growth in 2015 with some months reaching over 100,000 people across all platforms
556 Followers 203%
142,000 Impressions

754 Likes ↑52%
165,390 Total reach

202,926 Impressions

427 Followers ↑ 32%
52,887 Impressions

To Professor Michael Blumenstein for your service as Head of School, ICT and good luck with your new position with UTS.
Thank you and good luck
To the Urban Planning discipline celebrating 20 years of operation.
Peter Doherty Awards for Excellence in STEM
Congratulations to Randall Hall for winning the Outstanding Science Teacher Award.
Professor Lex Brown received the
UK Noise Abatement Society Lifetime Achievement Award for his international work in environmental acoustics.

Professor Roger Tomlinson awarded Australian Coastal Society’s Outstanding Achievement in Coastal Management.

Griffith Sciences Outstanding Alumnus of the Year
Outstanding Alumnus of the Year
Professor Neil Ryan

Outstanding Young Alumnus of the Year
Mr Justin Gavranich

2015 Young Tall Poppy

Dr Chris Brown
Australian Rivers Institute

Griffith University Office for Learning & Teaching citations

Dr Caryl Bosman
Griffith School of Environment
For leading the design, implementation and scholarly evaluation of Studio Pedagogy at scale in the Planning discipline.
Dr Tim Stevens
Griffith School of Environment
For innovation and leadership in the Griffith Marine Biology major.
Griffith Awards for Excellence in teaching (Griffith Sciences)

Ms Sarah-Jane Gregory (Natural Sciences)

Highly Commended : Dr Christopher Love (Natural Sciences)

Griffith Awards for Excellence in teaching

Early Career
Dr Ivan Gratchev (Engineering)
Sessional Academic
Ms Claire Hoffman (Environment)
Innovation in Learning Design
Dr Leigh Ellen Potter (ICT)
Leadership of Learning and Teaching
Highly Commended:
Associate Professor Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy (ICT)
SCIENCES Research Excellence Awards

Early Career Research Award
– Dr Xiaobo Qu (Engineering, Urban Research Program)
Highly Commended
: Dr Dung Phung (Centre for Environment and Population Health)

Mid-Career Researcher Award
– Associate Professor Shanqing Zhang (Centre for Environment and Energy, Environmental Futures Research Institute)

Research Leadership Award
– Professor Ron Quinn (Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery)

Research Supervision Award
– Professor Catherine Pickering (Environmental Futures Research Institute)

Award for Excellence of a Research Group
– Griffith Transport Research, Urban Research Program, featuring: Associate Professor Matthew Burke, Dr Tooran Alizadeh, Professor Lex Brown, Dr Jenny Cui,
Associate Professor Gui Lohmann, Dr Xiaobo Qu, Professor Tim Ryley, Professor Peter Tatham,
Dr Kieran Tranter, Dr Barbara Yen,  Dr Yong Wu.

Professor Tony Hall, Mr Bruce James, Dr Wisinee Wisetjindawat and Dr Wen-Chun Tseng are acknowledged as Adjunct members or Visiting Fellows who have contributed to the success of the team.

SCIENCES Learning and Teaching Awards

Griffith Sciences Learning and Teaching Citation
Dr Yong Zhu (Engineering)
Dr Alison White (Natural Sciences)
Dr Amir Etemad-Shahidi & Dr Xiaobo Qu (Engineering)
Dr Christopher Love (Natural Sciences)

Highly Commended:

Dr Leigh-Ellen Potter (Information and Communication Technology)
Dr Saeed Shaeri (Engineering)

Griffith Sciences Grants for Learning and Teaching

Associate Professor Eddo Coiacetto (Environment)
Dr Aysin Dedekorkut (Environment)
Dr Ruwan Fernando (Environment)
Dr Ruben Gonzalez (ICT)
Associate Professor Peter Johnston (Natural Sciences)
Dr Anisur Rahman (Engineering)
Dr Larry Wen (ICT)

Professional Staff Excellence Awards

Peta Leahy (Griffith Centre for Coastal Management)

Professional Staff Team Excellence Awards

Griffith School of Environment Technical Team (Gold Coast): Ryan Stewart, Jeremy Carrington, Simon Kerville, Alan Richards and Dr David Camp.

Health and Safety Initiatives

Associate Professor Kathryn Tonissen, Associate Professor Chris Brown, Alan White and Chris Merrit (Natural Sciences)

Health and Safety Leadership

Sustainability Team Excellence Award

Joint winners:
Dr Carie-Anne Logue (Glycomics) and
Ms Carolyn Polson (Australian Rivers Institute)

Dr Jo-Anne Ferreira and Ms Vicki Keliher (Environment)

Sciences researchers have published 8 papers in Nature/ Science Group

New for 2016
Cities Research Centre
Advanced Design and Manufacturing Centre
>3347 Media mentions
59% increase on 2014
Getting noticed - media mentions
Media mentions
by discipline
Our ERA results - THE 5s!!! Congratulations
Big Thank You

Great work

Big Thank You

Another strong year
Total enrolments - 7,705
HDR Enrolments - 719
HDR Completions - 83
Introducing the new Dean Learning & Teaching
Professor Robert Sang, Dean Learning and Teaching.
Big Development wins
Griffith Sciences secures over $1M in philanthropic income - highest on record
$2.7M secured in grants for Griffith Climate Change Response Program - climate change resilience in developing countries over the next 5 years
Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Environmental Sciences

Condensed Matter Physics
Quantum Physics
Inorganic Chemistry
Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry
Ecological Applications
2 digit code
4 digit code
More ERA results - THE 4s!! Great work everyone

Optical Physics
Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry
Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
Environmental Science and Management
Soil Sciences
Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Civil Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
2 digit code
4 digit code
Dr Susan Bengston Nash, School of Environment
Dr Guillermo Diaz-Pulido, Australian Rivers Institute
Dr Jisheng Han, Queensland Micro & Nanotechnology Centre
Dr Jun Jo, School of Information & Communication Technology
Dr Derek Kennedy, School of Natural Sciences
Dr Qin Li, School of Engineering
Dr Guiseppe (Joe) Tiralongo, School of Natural Sciences
Associate Professor Hong Guan - School of Engineering
Associate Professor Rodney Stewart - School of Engineering
Associate Professor Eddie Zhang - School of Environment
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Boulter, NCCARF
Dr Peter Woodfield, School of Engineering
Dr Tooran Alizadeh, School of Environment
Dr Tim Stevens, School of Environment
Dr Rosaria Geraldine Torrisi, School of ICT
Dr David Tuffley, School of ICT
For those retiring, thank you very much for your years of service and best wishes
Doug Foreman - Tech Coordination and Logistics
Peter Healy - School of Natural Sciences
Alan Mackay-Sim - School of Natural Sciences
Hossein Ghadiri - School of Environment
John Thornton - School of ICT
Roderick Drew - School of Natural Sciences
Barbara Shaw - Australian Rivers Institute
Phillip Sheridan - School of ICT
Gillian Ward - School of Natural Sciences
Shauna Brauer - School of Environment
Science on the GO!
Throughout 2015 our outreach team engaged with
school students, teachers, and members of the community across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
Congratulations to The Smart Water Research Centre for winning the Science Education Partnership Award. Ben Mathews has been leading a collaboration between the SWRC and the Qld Academy Health Sciences on water related projects; assisting QAHS students to complete their Extended Essay projects.
Centre for Human Evolution (within EFRI)
To Dr Bosman receiving an Australian Award for University Teaching - Teaching Excellence Award for the Priority Area for 2015 – High impact intervention for progression, retention and attainment.
2015 Vice Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in General Staff Service

Maree Lauder - Architecture Administration Officer, Griffith School of Environment - Winner

Nina Kristensen – Administration Assistant, Institute of Glycomics – Winner
Highly Commended - Danielle Marshall – Program Quality Assurance Officer, Griffith School of Engineering
Congratulations to everyone for our great improvements in Learning and Teaching
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