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No description

Jacob L

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Hyena

Hyenas may be thought to be scavengers but actually hunt 90% of their food, using their very strong jaws to break their preys bones.
Where in the World...?
Social Behavior
Hyenas do many things during the day like:

Hyenas mainly live in Africa and the Middle East
God and the Hyenas
God made the Hyena eye sight so good so that they can see in the dark.
God made their hearing so good so the can hear their prey from miles away
Sleep during the hottest parts of the day
Hunt their prey
Hyenas commute- meaning some of the clan will leave to hunt and the others will stay back and defend territory
Defend territory
Hyenas also socialize
Getting a little old
Good-bye lion
That's not going to grow back
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