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No description

Dylan Krause

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Military

By Dylan Krause
I want be in the military because to protect the people of the U.S. So I can be a leader for the army and be remembered want I did for the country.
The training we would need is You will become a Soldier after you attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) and complete Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to learn your Army job skills. After that, you’ll take part in a variety of Ongoing Training opportunities. You will be physically and mentally prepared to face even the most difficult mission
The Basic Combat Training is BCT is nine of the toughest weeks you’ll go through but it’s also extremely rewarding. See how BCT transforms recruits into some of the toughest Soldiers in the world, with a strength of body and mind
Advanced individual training
AIT is where, as a soldier, you'll learn all you need to perform your Army job. Through hands-on training and field instruction, you'll leave AIT ready to become a valuable part of the Army team.
Ongoing Training
Ongoing Training consists of Leadership Training, Unit Training and specialized Schools, all of this traning and education results in even stronger soldiers and leaders
The Military educates you
If you are already in the Army then the training is given to you
Rank <2 Years Experience 4YearsExperience 6 Years Experience
Private (E1) $18,194**——

Private (E2) $20,398 $20,398 $20,398

Private First Class(E3)$21,449 $24,178 $24,178

Specialist or Corporal(E4)$23,756 $27,659 $28,840

Sergeant (E5) $25,913 $30,359 $32,490

Staff Sergeant(E6) $28,285 $33,833 $35,226

See more at: http://www.goarmy.com/benefits/money/basic-pay-active-duty-soldiers.html#sthash.jqFYkagu.dpuf
Got this information on www.goarmy.com
Got this information on www.goarmy.com
Got this information on
Got this information on www.goarmy.com
If I join the Military I would live in Miami Florida. Because it is really close were I have to work and I always wanted to live in Miami Florida.
My future project is going to be on
Helicopters have evolved for many different types of Army missions, including air assault, scouting/intelligence, troop transport and resupply. Army helicopters support our ground troops' success by gathering enemy data, moving Soldiers and supplies and delivering firepower from above
When the U.S. Army puts boots on the ground, we back them up with treads. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle brings Infantry Squads to the fight and helps protect them against armored opponents. And the M1 Abrams Tank provides overwhelming firepower while protecting its crew from battlefield hazards
Heavy lifting is no problem for the U.S. Army's heavy metal fleet. Army land vehicles can haul everything from payload trailers to M1 Abrams tanks. The speed-metal Stryker combines the mobility of a wheeled vehicle with the firepower of a tank. And the Humvee has become the symbol of the Army's ability to go anywhere the mission requires

Was not in the Army I was in the Navy. I didn't know what I was going to do yet.
Boot camp, Machinist Mate "A" school, Air Conditioning "C" school, Forklift operator school, Fire Fighting school.
What do you mean "this " job, teaching or military jobs?
I was in during the Vietnam Era but never did any fighting.
Four years.
Graduated from High School, did one year of college, then had a summer job with Great Lakes Gas in Rapid River, summer came to end so went and saw the Navy recruiter and enlisted
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