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Smart Grids

No description

Michiel Vanthoor

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Smart Grids

Smart Grids
Deregulation of
electricity market
Climate changes and
environmental concerns
Customer demand
by Michiel Vanthoor
Create a competitive context
- Lower prices
- More initiatives
Greenhouse Gas Effect CO problem
How long will fossil fuels last?
Public uncertainty
Electrical quality
Reliability and security
Power plants
Renewable Energy
Electric vehicle
Smart homes
What with the
cost and customer comfort?
- Should only cover the base load
- As environmental friendly as possible
Not expensive with respect to other solutions
Very important!
Increase energy efficiency
- Equip homes with smart metering systems
Demand Side Management
- Solar boilers, PV-systems
Perfect for city use
V2G: use the battery of the EV to shave the peaks of the demand curve
Strategies to improve peak shaving
Only environmental friendly if energy in battery is a result of an environmental friendly process!
Forecasting problem
Geographical dependent
A lot of technical challenges!
Less privacy
ex. Smart metering systems
Less liberty
ex. EV
Consumer becomes also producer
Importance of pilot projects
Reduction of pollution
Less mobility problems?
... but TSO has to incorporate investments in consumer's cost
In the end the SG price will be lower than price driven by fossil fuels, if we invest today
Customer becomes an important player
State offer financial help if you use renewable energy
Problems to maintain these subsidies because of protest groups
and financial crisis
(future talk)
EV as battery for the grid
Getting paid for doing nothing?
Smart grids turn out to be a good solution to
reduce the overall cost
deliver clean energy

But still a lot of effort to be done concerning technological, economical, social and political topics
use/sell his produced energy
TSO can offer you money to not use your EV
But how to implement exactly?
ex. emergency situations
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