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Career Shadowing Project

No description

Nathalie Rosado

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Project

I Career Shadowed Kristen Forgue at
Central Florida Speech & Hearing SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Purpose: The purpose of this company is to help kids with a speech impediment pronounce different words correctly. I think that in15 years from now, this company will be bigger. Also, I think they will add more technology for the benefit of the children. Employability Skills: Patience is a skill that is definately needed to be a speech patholigist. Especially, when the kids that you work with are really young. Because, sometimes you can see the progress as the session goes on but sometimes you can't see any progress at all. For example, Kristen has been working with Kevin for 6 months now but she hasn't seen that much progress at all.
Obviously, being able to work good with children. The median expected salary for a typical Speech and Language Pathologist in the United States is $68,811. But, it varies depending on where you work at. For example, in California it would be higher. Also, I asked Kristen and she said it depends on the work site. For example, speech pathologists that work in a hospital get paid better than the ones that work at a school. Technology in this job is used for education. As I said before, a very important skill that is needed is patience. You also have to love your job. You should also be able to have people skills. Being able to talk with your customers and understand what they are trying to tell you. I would definately pursue a career with this company. I love children and I enjoy working with them. I have a lot of patience and being able to speak two different languages would be extremely helpful.(english and spanish) I was originally interested in this career, that's why I decided to career shadow her and it made me like it even more. What I like the best about this job is: The fact that I can work with children.
I like how we can help the kids be better in the future.
I like how they get to have fun while they work (they do different activities)
I get to meet different children with different stories, and be a part of their life.
I also liked how the education required is not that long at all.(6years) What I disliked about this job: I don't really dislike anything about this job. The working conditions were great(they have their own office) and they have fun while they work. The education needed to work in this job:
-Bachelor in Speech Communication Science and Disorders which is 4 years.
-Masters in speech which is 2 years. This is Ethan, he had a problem with pronouncing words that ended in -ing. So, Mrs. Forgue located 3 pictures in front of him and asked him questions. For example, which kid was writing and Ethan had to point and then repeat the word writing. Bobby decided to not talk at all due to his speech impediment, so he communicates with his parents by pointing or making noises. He struggles with the "b" sound. This is Hannah, she was prbably the most advanced one but also the oldest one. She struggles with the letter "g".
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