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Programming and Publicity

RA Training- Effective Programming and Publicity

Housing and Residence Life

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Programming and Publicity

Jake Moore
Kaitlyn Fuller
Danielle Vitale Programming and Publicity Planning
Submit Program to RLC
Door Knocking
Clean Up
Turn in sign in sheet
Complete Program Evaluation Programming Expectations •Openness - Celebrate diversity and freedom of expression.

•Self-Discovery - Make healthy decisions emotionally, spiritually, physically, sexually, and nutritionally.

•Purposeful - Learn about career planning, academic success, and time/stress management.

•Responsible Citizen - Establish community standards, understanding UNF student and residential expectations, and relationship building.

•Environmental Awareness– Learn about social and global issues, and community service.

•You are an Osprey- Celebrate UNF Osprey pride and identity. The Osprey Model Advertising
Publicity Get into groups of 4
Plan an event
Create a flyer for the event Activity Program Planning Checklist
Brainstorm Ideas
Create Objectives
Work with others
Plan a Date
Think of a space
Plan your program
Advertise Planning Programs
Ice Cream Social --------------> Root Beer Float Social
Black History Month -----------> Monthly Diversity Series
Environmental awareness -----> Nature Trail Clean Up
Healthy Eating Program ---------> Health Promotions Nutrition Dinner Transforming Program Ideas
Freshman Area
1 Wow Event AND Convocation
Safety Program
Social Program
Academic/Diversity Program Program Tracking Clear and Concise
Avoid excessive verbiage
Use terminology that the audience would understand
Eye Catching
put ads in high traffic areas
take down old ads, so when a new one appears it is more noticeable
Include the 5 W's
Who, What, When, Where, Why
Why is the most important and most forgotten W
It gives people a reason to come Good Advertising 7-10 Days before
Teaser posters in the Elevators and lounges
5 days before
Posters and signs in residence halls
3 days before
Word of mouth campaign, begin talking to your residents about the event
1 day before
Banner near major entrance/exit way
The Day of
Door knock reminder a half-hour before
Day After
take down old fliers, that way your next event will be noticeable An Ideal Publicized Event Examples 1st 6 weeks: Osprey Model
Faculty Friends
Fall Semester: November 9, 2012 Semester Programs: Upper Class Area
2 Wow Events
Safety Program
Social Program
Academic/Diversity Program ` http://www.residentassistant.com/one/index.php


RA Programming Spreadsheet

RLC's Programing Resources
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