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The Hidden Job Market

A presentation developed by AUAA-Alberta Diversity advisor to help students understand the importance of networking and the hidden job market.

Cassie H

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of The Hidden Job Market

Most jobs aren't advertised...
The Hidden Job Market is here!
The Iceberg Theory...
...is a theory of the Hidden Job Market
If someone refers you for the interview, there is an
chance you will get the job!
Did you know...
What is our agenda for today?
Learn what networking is, and WHY
How to prepare and engage?
What makes a good first impression?
Networking traps to avoid
Closing and following up after networking!
Networking is like a puzzle...
Making connections fits the pieces together...
What is the definition of Networking?
an extended group of people who share similar interests or concerns
group who remains in informal contact
group provides mutual assistance or support
Networking Tips for Success!
Advertised jobs you see are here...
Do you think the most qualified candidate gets the job?
Over 80% of jobs are never advertised...
...it may even be as high as 90% of jobs are not posted for some industries!
So...what's the aim of networking?
Set positive impressions with the (hiring) decision makers and influencers
to be considered when a career opportunity in your network arises
to learn about the "value of networking"
I don't feel like I have a network yet...
I'm not sure where to start looking for a network...
I might not even be convinced networking works...
The Hierarchy of Hiring
Most Job Seekers Search for Jobs in the Following order:
1. Look at online job banks or advertised jobs
2. Mass mailout of resumes
3. Drop off resumes in person
4. Contact an employment agency
5. Start talking to friends, family, colleagues, instructors...
6. Attend networking events!
Do you think Job Seeker's strategies match with employer hiring preferences?
What are Employers Hiring Preferences?
Employers fill jobs using hiring strategies in this order:
1. Promote from within
2. Ask for referrals from managers/employees
3. Brainstorm for possible candidates
4. Contact their industry colleagues
5. Review unsolicited resumes
6. Post the job online or advertise
So how do we fix the mismatch?
Job seekers need to reverse the strategies they are using to look for jobs...
Use your network first!
Resources for Researching your contacts include...
Company Websites
Friends, acquaintances, relatives...
Social Media - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Company Corporate & Financial reports
Company promotional material
What should I research about companies?
Industry background
Service or product provided
New initiatives
What makes them unique?
Self-Marketing Tool Kit
What's a good elevator speech?
Elevator Speech
30 seconds to 1 minute
Brief background about yourself
Reflect your conducted research
Show your enthusiasm!
Know your Goal!
business card
informational interview

A Sample Elevator Speech
Hello, my name is David Quinn. I have spent the last 10 years managing employment programs in two different countries and in doing so have developed a deep knowledge of career consultancy and job development. I am investigating opportunities in the non for profit field and am currently gathering information to increase my knowledge and marketability in the youth employment sector. I know that you organization is one of the top in this field. Would you be able to spare me 15 minutes of you time so that I can ask some advice?
Final tips for a lasting first impression...
Have your resume or business cards accessible
Don't chew gum, consider mints or breath spray
Don't walk around with open coffee or water
Networking Traps to Avoid...
The Small Talk Trap
"How about those Leafs?"
"More snow today?"
"What phone do you have? I have the Samsung blah blah blah..."
The "Monopolizer" Trap
Be aware of your contact's time
Ask for a set time and stick to it - Don't monopolize an employer for too long!
The "Entitlement" trap
"I worked hard for 2 years for my diploma, I deserve a job!"
"I won't work for less than $50 grand"
"What can you do for me?"
Don't get Frustrated...
Remember the Bigger Picture!
Core Objectives
Understand the importance of Networking
Learn to set realistic networking goals
Try some of the Networking skills you learn
Source: Value of Networking 2012 libmedia blog

“It occurs to me that our survival may depend upon our talking to one another.”
- Dan Simmons
Tip of the Iceberg Feelings
1. Meet with 3-4 people who can vouch for your past performance and review your resume

2.Request to be connected with 3-4 people and ask for an introduction

3. Research your connection's connection

4. Network backwards and be directive and proactive

5. Keep your network warm and stay focused
Using Your Network First
Self Marketing Email
Hi Jonny,

You may have heard that ABC had some cut backs and as a result, I along with many others have been laid off. I valued my memorable time working with you and the friendship we developed at ...........

If I may be so bold I would be extremely grateful if you could act as an extra pair of eyes and ears on my behalf. I am seeking employment opportunities as.......... I am attaching my resume for your kind consideration and assistance.

Best Regards,

Cold Calling
1. Prepare a list of prospective employers
2. Prepare and practice your script
4. Prepare a cold call tool kit
5. Think about the best time to phone
6. Know what you offer
7. Ditch the pleasantries
8. Be allies with the phone gatekeepers
9. Anticipate objections and rudeness
10. Phrases and words to avoid
12. Voice tone and vocabulary
13. Follow up
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