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Why Is The Sun So Important To Life On Earth?

No description

Kayla T

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Why Is The Sun So Important To Life On Earth?

Why Is The Sun So Important To Life On Earth?
The Sun is important to Earth for many reasons and here is some of the many reasons.
The sun is important to earth because it gives us light and warmth. Picture it- without the sun Earth would be REALLY cold and dark. There wouldn't even be a point living.
As we all know plants need sunlight to grow. A type of plant is a tree (which you probably already know!) Trees give us oxygen, and without oxygen we can't breath.
Solar System
The sun is very big meaning that it has a very large gravitational pull. It is because of the sun that everything in the Solar System is in its place. Including Earth.
Quick Facts
-Without the Sun, Earth would be a giant ice block.
-Without the Sun the Earths atmosphere would be frozen.
-We need electricity and without the Sun we wouldn't have any.
Thankyou For Listening!
By Kayla Topuzlular 5KC
By- Kayla Topuzlular 5KC
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