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Classroom Management Project

PBIS Presentation

Angie O'Reilly

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Management Project

The Beginning...
Let's take a survey... Survey Results What do we do next? Info and Data are Great but Now what? The staff identified the following as their top concerns with the highest priority.

*Opportunities to Respond (OTR)
*4:1 Positive to Negative Reinforcement
*Pre-Correcting Behavior Twality Middle School Classroom Management Project
2012-2013 Tigard Tualatin School District uses PBIS in all of its schools.

Twality Middle School
*School Wide PBIS
*Classroom systems
*Individual systems Staff Survey In the fall the Twality staff was asked to complete a Classroom Practices Self Assessment on-line to identify areas of their own classroom management practice that the they felt were going well and areas that they would like to have more support in. Twality has been using PBIS for many years now and was in need of a PBIS "booster shot" or revival of sorts. The administration and PBIS team came up with an idea that started with a staff survey... Classroom Self Assessment Ratings The staff identified the top priorities that are they felt were not in place in their practice. PBIS Training Day The Twality PBIS team, along with other teams in the district were invited to do a
half day training with Chris Borgmeier. Our team focused on the the data from the survey and came up with a plan to support our staff in the specific areas that they felt needed improvement. Staff Training Day The PBIS team was given a half day to work with the staff on the three focus areas:
OTR, 5:1, and Pre-correction Focus Groups Whole Group We presented the data and explained what our plan was. The staff broke into the three focus groups and had a discussion/presentation on how to better implement their chosen strategy in their practice Partners and Accountability The group came back together and was asked to place their slip on a parking lot that ended up being hung up in the staff lounge as a reminder. What came of the training... Staff reminders... partner reminders What Worked for the Team... Challenges the Team Faced... In-service Presentation Teacher Buy In First Round of Reminders Thursday e-mail blasts Teachers want to improve their practice Teachers and Admin invested in reviving PBIS Teacher incentives TIME Ideas for improvement e-mail blasts We needed more time for information on the Opportunities to Respond (OTR)
small group session of the inservice Competing Initiatives The PBIS team found that it was challenging to find time to do all of the needed reminders and incentives for large group support Survey needs to be more than once a year, the plan was to do it 3 times this school year... * * * NOT GIVING UP! We got overzealous by choosing 3 areas to focus on. OTR could have been it's own inservice and the staff was really into it. Jaunary and February were rough.... Let's face it, this flu season was a Doozer
We all missed work, had to play catch up and
while implementing our supports was important, teaching our students takes priority...keeping up with the demands of the project, along with EVERYONE being ill was pretty hard. Timing This training inservice happened right before winter break, just two days prior to everyone leaving.
As you can imagine, two weeks after, it was a bit hard to keep up the staff enthusiasm. * *

* Building on support systems
*School Wide PBIS team
*Regular Data Review
*Regular individual and school
action planning
*Regular Support & Review
-throughout the year Where We Started... The Habit Loop... Classroom Systems Our teachers are committed to improving their practice, and our PBIS team is committed to supporting them. WE HAD A TON OF HELP!!! Our PBIS classroom management team was supported by our district PBIS coordinator, Sally Helton, Chirs Borgmeier, and Megan Wilson. They came to meetings, trainings and were a MAJOR part of getting this project together and keeping the enthusiasm going! School-wide Total % In Place = 63%
Partial = 33%
Not In Place = 2%
Not Applicable = 2% Twality Middle School
Fall 2012 Rankings A habit is a formula our brain automatically follows:
When I see a CUE, I will do ROUTINE in order to get a REWARD. The Habit Loop
from “The Power of Habit” Each teacher was asked to fill out their own
habit loop and pick an area of their day that
they thought they could use a little help

*clean up/End of day
*prepping for a quiz or test
*assessing general knowledge of the students
*specific times/students who were

Not too surprising, a lot of teachers
reported that the last period of the day was
the most challenging. To keep each other motivated and accountable, the teachers chose partners and filled out a slip shaped like a car that named their area of practice, their prompt to use their strategy and a partner teacher that they would be responsible to check in with regularly. What did you get out of it? Let's hear from someone
who put it to practice... What worked for you? What were the challenges? Overall, how did the staff feel about the training? well...when surveyed after, it looks pretty good... *If you were part of our team what would you change?

*what would you do to keep improving the good base we have going?

* what would you try in order to renew momentum in the team?

*Take a moment to partner up with someone next to you and discuss what you would do or would have done differently if you were in our shoes...pick a thought and be prepared to share... * The team was split into two subgroups
-Race and Ethnicity
-Classroom Management
We may have been more productive if the whole team had focused on each area at different times in the school year Think Pair Share...
Think about a habit you'd
like to break...

Follow the habit loop, talk with a partner,
and share with your table group
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