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BIM Development

No description

Chris Bailey

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of BIM Development

BIM Past
BIM Past
BIM Past
BIM Present
During 2009 / 2010 we embarked into our first steps of 3d visualisation using
3DS Max
BIM Future
BIM Future
In September 2011 Chris Bailey was brought in to the UK team as full time Creative Design Manager.
Tasked with creating 3d visuals and animations
for post tender presentations & marketing documentation.
To learn and develop BIM within the Structure
Tone London office.
Our Journey
It was during 2011 that Clayton Lyons
introduced us to Navisworks and
clash detection. It was at this point our
BIM Journey really began.

BIM knowledge and
understanding is
steadily growing
after attending
numerous shows
and conferences.

In mid 2012 we purchased our 1st
license of Building Design Suite
Basic Revit training was undertaken
along side self tuition.
Modeling trials began using Revit
but were only used in conjunction with 3DS Max.
Although we were not
strictly using BIM it did influence
and enhance our presentation styles,
helping to secure work most notably with
the likes of

Bank of China
JPMorgan Chase
Volta - Central London's first new Data Centre
in a decade.

September 24-25, 2014
L.F. Driscoll Office - Bala Cynwyd, PA
We are now starting to receive jobs
that require us to use BIM, so are
responding by putting our tender
presentations together highlighting
our use and understanding of the
BIM environment.
This year is seeing our BIM strategy and implementation plan go from strength to strength.
More and more tenders require us to implement BIM, so we are now creating presentations showcasing our capability
This includes Revit modeling of the space, structures and services. Highlighting our use of federate models, clash detection and programme timelines in Navisworks, through to animation.
Bring Together
At the beginning of a tender we assess the main challenges of the project and which area/s are best to demonstrate our understanding and use of BIM.
Once the area/s are established Revit models are created and taken through to Navisworks.
After all of the processes are complete the Revit model is taken through to 3DS Max for visualising and animating. We then use Adobe Premiere for final composition.
Our latest win for Thomson Reuters, was approached slightly differently the main bulk of the modeling was all created in 3DS Max before we had any tender drawings.

Once the tender drawings arrived we created the new build model in Revit to allow us to offer BIM solutions to the client if and when we were successful.

We are currently in the process of hiring a full time BIM user to progress us further.
As we move forward BIM will become intrinsic to all departments within Structure Tone London.
This will mean BIM resource can be adapted to any and all challenges faced, ultimately changing and shaping the way we tackle and deliver new projects.

Our aim is to form a dedicated BIM Team. Capable of collaborative working across the board and not specific to unique departments.
We have a 3 year strategy and by 2015 expect to have in place a core BIM team comprising of Chris Bailey and 2 new staff 1 x BIM Manager, 1 x BIM Coordinator / Visualiser. Specific training will also be given to relevant departments.
As well as full BIM implementation we are looking towards additional technology to aid our process.
Including -
Laser Scanning for point cloud information
PIM (Project Information Management)
Field BIM (Ipad Site collaboration tools)
This graphic illustrates our intentions for the BIM team
During 2017 we will take on a 4th full time user. Will be experienced and competent in delivering all aspects of BIM from design and creation, model and asset management through to facility management.
Our Future is BIM and Virtual Construction
BIM will create a hive like mentality with information being shared up and down the line in house and externally, making for better run jobs with less mistakes and easier management. More time will have to be given to the early stages of a job but as we progress this will reduce time spent on site and produce quicker delivery's benefiting both ourselves and clients.
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