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Mustard Seed Accreditation

Health and Safety

Phil Leffelaar

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Mustard Seed Accreditation

Health, Safety & Staff Training
Staff must receive training within their probationary period (3 months of hire)
First Aid Training
ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
Orientated within 3 months
HR Orientation
Technology Orientation (IVERNet; expense requests, KM, ParkPlus, FOIP, HMIS
Critical Time Intervention
Trained in within 90 days of hire
HIV/AIDS and additional disease education
Motivational Interviewing & Stages of Change
Outcome Star & Calgary Acuity Scale
Domestic Violence and youth work (as needed)
ACW's will be offered additional training opportunities and support regarding the network of services in Calgary. Team Supervisors will share new and updated information during their bi-weekly team meetings.
Standard Training
One on One Casework in Private Spaces
Do not get comfortable
Stay close to the door
Keep your coat and shoes on
Leave all valuables in your car
Be alert and aware of your surroundings
If a guest is under the influence during a scheduled meeting then the ACW should leave immediately and reschedule
If you are alone during a difficult/tense conversation
Do not hesitate to make an emergency call (911) if a situation escalates and your safety is threatened
Call your Supervisor to debrief if needed
If a situation unexpectedly becomes tense, do your best to diffuse the situation and leave as quickly as possible
Reschedule your meeting
If there are threats of violence and/or violence during a meeting
Leave immediately, if possible
Call 911 if needed
ACW should use whatever means necessary to get away from the situation to safety
Call your Supervisor to report the situation and debrief (call Manager if Supervisor is not around)
If there are unexpected guests present at a home visit...
Assess the level of safety
ACW should leave immediately if feeling unsafe and reschedule
Continue with visit if deemed safe and have permission
If you become aware weapons are present
Leave immediately if possible
ACW should notify their Supervisor ASAP to develop a safety plan
Safety Protocols & CHF Incident Reports
If a serious incident involving guests or staff occurs in Aftercare a document, signed by senior agency personal, will be forwarded to CHF within 48 hours of occurring.
Safety Protocol
Staff given a dedicated cell phone
IVERNet must always be used
If safety is a concern, bring a friend!
Log and discuss concerns with Supervisors
When domestic violence is a concern, males will be with males and females with females
When faced with suicide...
ACW should perform if certified
If not then get someone who is!
If suicide does occur refer to the 'Loss of Life Policy' in the MS policy manual
If stress debriefing is required, Supervisors will ensure that appropriate action is taken.
If transporting in Mustard Seed Vehicle
If transporting in private vehicle
Vehicle must carry $2,000,000
Vehicle registration and valid insurance must be in the vehicle
Seat belts must be worn
Guests must sign an Assumption of Risk Transportation Agreement
IVERNet Must be used
Must be trained in First Aid and NVCI
Make sure the vehicle registration and valid insurance is in the vehicle
Seat belts must be worn
IVERNet Must be used
Must be trained in First Aid and NVCI
The driver of the vehicle is responsible for all traffic and parking violations
The Mustard Seed assumes no responsibility for damage to personal vehicles or injury
Working with opposite sex guests
Dress professionally and appropriately
ACW should set appropriate boundaries
In the event of inappropriate comments, ACW should leave immediately and inform supervisor.
ACW will not be matched with opposite sexed guests who have had, or are suspected of having previous sexual charges.
Extended Training
Staff must attend one full day of Aboriginal Awareness training within 9 months of hire and once a year thereafter.
All initial meetings must happen on Mustard Seed or partnering agency property
ACW should NEVER enter a situation if they feel their safety could be in jeopardy
IVERNet (403.444.8938) must always be used before entering any private spaces
ACW must always carry their work phone on their person
ACW must be certified in First Aid, NVCI and ASIST before visits in privates spaces can occur
Aftercare Accreditation
Difficult/tense conversations with guest
If possible, meetings should occur in a public space (TMS, coffee shop, water park
If you must meet in a private space bring along a buddy! (Team member, Supervisor)
Let your supervisor where and when the meeting is happening.
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