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Thomas Jefferson

No description

Amelia Liu

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
By: Amelia Liu and Maddie Lee
Lived in Albemarle County,
Born on April 13, 1743
Governor of Virginia, a lawyer, and inventor
Served two 4-year terms.
- March 4th 1801 - 1805
- March 4th 1805 - 1809
Important Events:
Unpopular whiskey tax repealed- 1802
The Louisiana Purchase - 1803
Madbury vs. Madison - 1803
The Louisiana Purchase was in 1803, after Pinckney's Treaty. Spain had signed a treaty giving Louisiana back to the French. Jefferson sent Robert Livingston and James Monroe to buy New Orleans and West Florida from the French. After much reasoning, they agreed to buy the Louisiana Territory for $15 million and the nation was expanded.
Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson was able to repeal the whiskey tax after cutting the national government debt to $45 million, making room to cancel unpopular taxes.
Whiskey Taxes Repealed
Marbury vs. Madison
This was the first case the Supreme Courts could use the power of "judicial review" -- "The power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional". It also opened a new role for the court, creating the third branch.
Domestic Policies
Jan. 18 1803
Funds for Westward
Jefferson asked Congress to provide funds for an expedition to "explore the Mississippi River and beyond to find a route to the Pacific Ocean"
Apr. 30 1803
Louisiana Purchase
Embargo Act
Dec. 22 1807
This act prevented trade in and out of the country
The Louisiana Territory was bought for $15 million to expand Westward, almost doubling the size of the U.S.
Limit The Nation's Power
Foreign Policies
Dec. 22 1807
This act prevented trade in and out of the country to Britain, France and other countries. Made to make Britain and France respect the U.S.'s neutrality.
Embargo Act
Chapter 8, pg. 266
Pg. 226
Thomas Jefferson- 3rd President of the United States Heidi M.D. Elston
Decreased the size of the Navy and Army. Repealed unpopular taxes such as the whiskeu tax.
Fun Facts
Thomas Jefferson will always one of the United States Founding Fathers and he will be remembered for his contribution to the Declaration of Independence.
Even if Jefferson wasn't a United States president, he would still be a known figure in history because he was part of the making of laws in the Virginia legislature which was then put into the U.S. Constitution.
The Louisiana Purchase would still be his best contribution to the U.S., though, because if he didn't, then the United States might now be as big as it is today.
Sep. 28 1805
Protects Trade Overseas
Pirates in Barbary States attacked American ships, and demanded money to protect the U.S. Jefferson sent a team to the Mediterranean and ended with a treaty telling them to not interfere with U.S. ships.
Sep. 29 1809
Non-intercourse Act
All countries besides Britain and France would not be a part of the Embargo.
Third president of the U.S.
He loved vanilla ice cream
He had 9 siblings
Never vetoed a bill
Loved books and vegetables
He had a pet mockingbird
He hand-picked the books in the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.
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