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conserving energy

conserve energy

rithvik kolanu

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of conserving energy

Conserving Energy
Conserving Energy
We have to start conserving energy for a better future.
Electrical Energy
We use A LOT of electrical energy. We can conserve electrical energy by turning off electrical appliances when not in use.
What Happens When Energy Is Wasted?
Many things happen when energy is wasted. Some things are:
Ways To Save Energy
We can help the situation. We can:

-turn the lights off when not in use.
-open the window on a hot day instead of AC
-use natural light
-when the AC is in use and its not that cold or hot, turn the AC down.
We have to start working our way into helping the earth and protecting the planet. Try your best to save our world!
Light Energy

We use lights every day. We need to save light energy by using natural light from the sun.
Thermal Energy
We use alot of energy like heat from our AC (air conditioners).When you aren't using heaters please turn it off.
You Need More
People take more and more fossil fuels out of the ground and harm the planet as well as wasting natural resources.
Money is wasted
People use more money to get energy.
Animals Die
Wildlife slowly disappears. Animals of all kind will die because of the pollution.
Habitats Are Being Destroyed
Our wild habitats are being destroyed rapidly.
‎ Cached Similar
Sound Energy
Mechanical Energy
Fans and other mechanical objects consume energy. If you have a fan or other device and you aren't using it turn it off .
Electrical energy can be converted to sound energy. If you are using a radio or any sound producing electronic and you aren't listening turn it off!
for more information please visit www.conservingenergy.com
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