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Copy of The peaceful March to Makkah

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atiya naheed

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of The peaceful March to Makkah

The peaceful march to Makkah
Group B and C :

Write a one - page profile about Uthman Ibn Affan (R)
Group : C

Make a poster of all the Islamic lunar months. Highlight Ash-hur-ul-Hurum with red. Stick on learning wall.
Questions to be answered
1. Name Al-Ash-hur-ul-Hurum.
2. Explain the word Hadiy in Arabic.
3. What was the Prophet's vision?


The Prophet (PBUH) asked Uthman Ibn Affan to go as his emissary to the Quraysh. When he refused to perform Tawaf without Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the Quraysh held him hostage. When Prophet heard about it he called his men and stood under a tree to take their pledge. This refer to the action of fourteen hundred Muslims who plege to obey the Prophet (PBUH) and Allah even in matters of life and death. Certainly Allah was well pleased with the believers when they swore , so He sent tranquility and rewarded them with a near victory.
The Prophet (PBUH) aviod war.
When Prophet heard about Quraysh's fighter coming his way, he ordered his companions to take a road that led to Al-Hudaybiyah and continued his ride until he reached a place called Al-Hudaybiyah and he ordered his companions to set up camp there. There was no water the, valley was absolutely barren and Allah served them water miraculously.

The way to Makkah
In the month of Thul-Qidah in the sixth year of Hijrah, with the intention of Umrah the Prophet (PBUH) with about 1,400 of the Muhajireen and Al-Ansar took about seventy camels with him as hadiy (the sacrificial animals).
The Prophet's plans were not liked by the pagan Quraysh and they set off for war.
The peaceful March to Makkah
Learn the specific Al-Ash-hur-ul-Hurum.
Learn why the Prophet decided to go to Makkah and his vision.
The real objective of the Messenger’s march to Makkah.

Able to understand the why Prophet (PBUH) traveled to Makkah.
Important events that led before Pledge-ur-Riwan.
The real objectives of the Prophet's (PBUH) journey to Makkah.
: A journey made for a particular purpose.
Prophet's vision: During Shawwal the Prophet (SAW) had a very special vision. Hs vision inspired him to go back to Makkah.
The real objective of his vision was to find a way to have a peace between the Muslims and the pagans.
In the 6th year after Hijrah, the Prophet set out to make Umrah.
Some of the pagans did not want him to come to Makkah in spite of the rule that allowed anyone to go to the Ka'abah for pilgrimage.

Group -A
Group: B
: Write Lunar Month of Islamic Calender
Write 5 points about the lesson.
: Note the qualities of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) .
such as wisdom, patience.
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