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Social Networking

No description

Tarundeep Singh Bhatia

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Networking

Track Your Time Online
Ensure outdoor activities
Limit Your Memberships
Spend More Time With Close Friends and Family
Never disclose your personal details to anyone
Explore landline and mobile technologies
Be responsible to what you are communicating A Principal's view..... Development through the ages 1. A popular way of communication BBS(Bulletin Board System): Members could share files and access news and events.
Offered ~ true interaction ~ concept truely new and innovative in those times
You could also join any of CompuServe’s thousands of discussion forums
Those forums proved tremendously popular and paved the way for the modern iterations we know today. Its members reated communities complete with searchable "Member Profiles"
Users could list pertinent details about themselves,
were arguably the service’s most fascinating, forward-thinking feature. This laid the foundation of many more sites such as Myspace and Linkedin. The future of social networks How humans are affected ..? Some statisics related to networks.... The pros and cons of social networks... Advantages: The pros and cons of social networks... Addiction of networks Disadvantages: 1. Not time tested

2. Potential depends upon individual

3. Efficiency and effectiveness ruled by economical growth

4. Privacy issues will continue to cause problems

5. Facebook will not be the only dominant player

6. The social graph will become portable 2. Capabilitiy of connecting to the world in one go 3. Easiest and economical way to be in contact with friends 4. Effective tools since audio and visuals are involved 5. Powerful and economical way of running business "I’m not addicted, I can quit anytime!” Users could communicate
Download files and post messages
Accessed over telephone lines via a modem
Reason for their failure ~ calling rates usually applied for out-of-towners making it an expensive affair CompuServe: AOL(American Online): Reflection in movies... 1. Great way to build the brand image of small companies 2. Social Networks in the Science communities 3. Social networks are also being used by teachers and
students as a communication tool 4. A mean of low-cost grassroots organizing used by
organisations Pie chart dipicting the percentage of world-wide social networking users around the globe : 1. Asia has the highest number of users for social networking sites i.e., 35 % of the worlds total users . 1. Spending less time with family and friends.
2. Staying up late
3. Feeling of anxiety if not checking updates
4. Ignorance towards work
5. The thought of logging out, makes the person nervous
6. Loss of ability to interact face to face Are you suffering from these.....??? 2. Next comes Europe,Middle east and Africa which comprise of 28 % of the world's users. 4. The next 12 % is occupuied by Caribbean and Latin America . 3. Next in line comes North America with 25 % of the worlds users. South Korea has the highest number of visitors for social networking sites with 66 %
Brazil - 47 % , China - 42 % followed by Mexico, USA, UK and Canada.
In India the percentage is 24 % and is still increasing day by day.
Russia has the lowest percentage with just 3 % users. Maximum number of users from the age groups of 17-23 years
A very few percentage of older age groups have accounts on facebook.
The second highest is the middle aged group. These are some popular social networking activities among the youth: Among these activities the highest percentage comprises of posting messages and downloading music and messages where as the least percentage is dedicated to creating polls and quizes. The graph showing the frequency of visitation of social networking sites in diffrent countries: Demographic graph for the maximum number of users: The graph depicting the male and female percentage on social networking sites: Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are said to shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification and make young people more self-centred. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder ~ 84% (16 out of 19) of the sites have more female than male users. ~ Twitter and Facebook have almost the same male-female ratio; Twitter with
59% female user and Facebook with 57%. ~ The most female-dominated site? Bebo (66% female users), closely followed by MySpace and Classmates.com (64%). ~ The average ratio of all 19 sites was 47% male, 53% female. Depression and Loneliness The excessive love or admiration of oneself, has become one of the largest problems Now..... Social Networks for your pets too......! Think MySpace, but for pets. MyDogSpace and MyCatSpace are an online
community just for dogs and cats, offering photo uploads, animal info, forums, Pet Tails, blogs, groups, business listing and reviews and more.... MyDogSpace & MyCatSpace Dogster & Catster Dogster and Catster have become the fastest growing pet destination on the internet and are now a top-five overall pet destination. Petizens.com Petizens is a social networking site for pets and their owners. Create your own pet page for any type of pet. Also offers forum info, knowledge, fun & games and contest. And many more sites such as...... Petzume.com Petcrash.com Petbrags.com 1. Overcrowding
2. Weakening long distance relationship 3. Time consuming 4. False profiles and identities 5. Rampant addiction 6. Scams and harassment Many deprived cats and dogs have got homes because of social networking sites They result in individuals which report fewer interactions with others, isolation, fewer sources of psychological/emotional and instrumental support, and lower levels of religious activity. Tips to prevent you online: Always read a website's privacy policy before giving any personal information If children use chat or e-mail, talk to them about never meeting in person with anyone they first "met" online. Keep the computer in the family room or another open area of your home Have children use child-friendly search engines when completing homework Internet accounts should be in the parent's name with parents having the primary screenname, controlling passwords, and using blocking and/or filtering devices. Talk to children about what to do if they see something that makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. If you suspect online "stalking" or sexual exploitation of a child, report it to your local law-enforcement agency. " The future of communication is going to be essentially the whole process of technology whether it is facebook, twitter or cloud computing. It is an emerging tool that brings a million people together in a common place. The common example of rebellion and justice through these sites is the rebellion in Egypt, where Mr. Hosini Mubarrak was overthrown with the help of these sites.

It is very important that young people use this space with care because instead of becoming a space of friendship, love and care it can be converted to a space of aggression, violence and character assasination. Therefore, how the youth or the user views it, is truely dependent on the youth. " ~~ Ameeta Mulla Wattal Principal Springdales School Pusa Road Scene from the movie " Social Network "(2010) Group Members :
1.Amanpreet Singh
2.Tarundeep S. Bhatia
3.Vishakha Bhatia
4.Pulkit Goyal
5.Aditya Gupta The buzz about
Social Networking 7. Lack of Anonymity Our sincere thanks to : 1.The Computer Dept. Ma'm Bela Diwan
Ma'm Nidhi Tiwari
Ma'm Shelly Singh
Sir Subhash
Manik Das 2. For the help in script: Ma'm P. Lele 3. For her valuable comments on the topic: Ma'm A. M. Wattal
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