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Opening Cermony

Nessie Ahmed

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of ASMUN OC

ASMUN'13 Organizing
Committee The Organizing Committee :- What is an MUN ? For it’s 6th Year, ASMUN Simulation for the UN takes
place in the form of 4 Councils. What is ASMUN ? What is this good for?
•Coaching your ability to allow stories
to float to the surface without thinking to much.
•Practicing decision-making.
•Fast adaptation to your present audience.
•Self-observation. How Does it Operate ? Model United Nations is a simulation of the real United Nations.

It includes different councils that resemble real councils within the United Nations.

The different councils each discuss various topics that are of relevance and importance to the international community today. ASMUN Is a Simulation for the United Nations and it’s Organs, That Aims to Educate it’s participants About current events, Civics, Politics, and Interpersonal Skills like:
Team Working, Communication Skills, Public Speaking, and Leadership. The Simulation Takes place through a Diplomatic Conference held at the end of the activity, after 10 sessions conducted throughout the year, in order to improve the social, personal, and academic skills of the applicants. It's a Fully functional body with different branches that works
together to ensure the smooth operation of the Councils,
sessions and the conference. High Board Academic Committee Organizing
Committee Media & IT
Committee HR & Development Committee Fundraising
Committee ICJ CDH SC Coordination
Committee Reception
Committee Public Relations
Committee G20 The committee responsible for the
technical aspects of the model. Delegates Recruitment Sessions Conference Closing Contact Us: ASMUN Official Group ASMUN Official ASMUN Rocks www.ASMUN.com ASMUN Phases Welcome To Ain Shams Model United Nations Our Partners
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