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PRED - April 2017

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of PRED - April 2017

We are trying to exploit the
market that already exists,
and direct consumers/tourists to OUR
We are not trying to create a market for tourism.
It is what you do when you can't see someone in person.
Vern May
"City of Possibilities!"
Why Advertise?
Advertising Creates Powerful Inter-Media Synergies
Repetition sells! Businesses that reach and influence consumers repeatedly over time with multi-platform approaches build stronger consumer awareness, confidence, and sales.
Advertising is Cost Effective
If you could afford it, you would have a professional sales person tell your story to every prospect in your market. Advertising was invented as a more cost effective way of telling your story to hundreds or thousands of people you could not afford to reach in person with your sales force.
Stakeholder Confidence
Investors, bankers, and would-be business purchasers or partners actually place a value on the ‘goodwill’ or ‘brand’ created by your advertising.
Why Radio & Online?
Recency and Immediacy
Recency theory suggests that ads are more relevant and have more impact as consumers get closer to making purchase decisions. Advertising consistently on radio carries your message through the entire buying process, from creating a pre-need preference for your business to a time of pulling the purchase trigger.
Radio Can Tell Your Story
The internet has made it fast and easy to search for the facts details and prices about your offerings. But more often than not buyer decisions are made emotionally and only justified logically with research and facts after that emotional story has won their hearts. Radio’s human voice, story telling, and humour can inspire consumers to search for your facts and details online.
Radio Creates Pre-Need Preference
Busy consumers won’t take time to read ads or websites for products or services they are not in the market for. But intrusive radio influences them on the go, before they have a need, creating preferences for your business when they do have a need and begin their search.
Radio Drives Web Traffic
Research proves that most consumers prefer to go to the websites of businesses they’ve heard of rather than to the sites of unfamiliar businesses.
Online Marketing Plan
The Need
To provide continuous exposure for the "City of Possibilities" brand in your central market area.
To sell OUR community advantage.
To expand overall tourism market share.
Radio Marketing Plan
Leaderboard ad
The Plan
Radio & Online Marketing Plans
What's Your Message
What's Your Message
What's Your Message
With CFRY, Mix 96, & PortageOnline YOU will be...
Build Tourism in Portage la Prairie!
Connected with our
Connected with our
Connected with your

You can be part of the action this Summer by partnering with CFRY / MIX 96 as we broadcast live from Summer hot spots, fairs and festivals throughout the Central Plains and the Interlake!

As a partner you will receive:
• 125 – 30 second commercials per station
• Aired between May – September 2017
• Name and Location Mention on 120 event location ID liners (Clients will air in rotation), per station
• Name and Location mention on 120 shared 30 second Produced Promos (Client will air in rotation), per station

(Maximum of 6 partners)
~Prizing Optional~
Summer Events 2017
96 Days of Summer
Online Marketing
Golden West Community websites are there with news, sports,
and weather On Demand!
Quality creative can engage and inform prospective clients with a call to action directing them where you want them to go.
Your advertisements are visible 24 hrs/day; 7 days/week; 365 days/year.
Reinforce the message you are sending through media with a visual presence.

Radio and Online combine to outperform other media by
Leaderboard ad posted on high-traffic pages of three Manitoba Community Portals, PortageOnline, PembinaValleyOnline & SteinbachOnline (actual location based on availability).
Link advertising directly to appropriate website.
Ads will deliver approx. frequency of 300,000 impressions per month.
Ads posted May - September for consistency and to capitalize on peak tourism months.
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