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Sultanate Of Oman

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Sultanate Of Oman

Literacy Development
1. Kids Read Project

2. Connecting Classroom Project

3. Jolly Phonics

4. Shared reading

5. Shared Writing

6. Spelling
In-service Teacher Training
Educational Portal
Education in Oman
Development of Curriculum
2,436,000 Capital: Muscat
309,500 square kilometers (119,500 square miles)

Arabic, English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialects

Muslim Currency:
Omani rial

Sultanate Of Oman
Learning Stages
Approaches to Teaching
Education school Level Grades Age

Primary( basic) Cycle one 1- 4 6 -10
Intermediate Cycle two 5 -10 11-16
Secondary Post basic 11-12 17- 18

1970 2011
Students 909 522520
Schools 3 1040
Teachers 30 45142
Omanization 10% 90.4%
• Education in Oman is free in all school years.
• English is a compulsory subject from grade 1 to grade 12.

*Curriculum Department

* Feedback From students, Teachers, Supervisors and Trainers

*Constant evaluation and amendments
* Multi-layered Approach

* Topic-based syllabus

* Learner-Centred classes

* Communicative Language tasks

* Consider mixed-abilities
1. In schools:

By English Department

By School (for all Teachers)
2. In Regions :
(Training Centres)

- Enter the reports and grades
- Apply for vacancies within the Ministry of Education
-Access to school Performance
- MOE news and announcements
- Exchange ideas and experience through the educational forum

- Have access to timetables
- Have access to their daily attendance
- Register subjects for grade (11-12)
-Get the results of exams
- Have access to samples of previous exams
- Participate in the educational forum

- Enroll students to schools

- Access to student data

- Have instant access to the descriptive report
of students’ performance

- Transfer students from school to another

- Print out the students certificates

- Get notified about the absence of students via SMS
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