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Sadaqah, Without Paying Money

No description

Mariam Bahsir

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Sadaqah, Without Paying Money


Islam is a religion of kindness and good deeds, so charity can also be given in the form of kind gestures or actions. The Prophet once stated,

"Every good deed is Sadaqah."

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said that Sadaqah was prescribed to each individual every day
Thikr and Remembrance of Allah

Islam urges Muslims to perform good deeds, and help others even when not asked to
Helping others is an example of a type of Sadaqah
Other examples of Sadaqah include; Listening to the deaf, helping one to find a lost item, rule between two people with justice, support the weak, helping ones in sorrow, etc.
Helping Others
It is reported in a story of the Prophet Muhammad that he stated that all men have to give Sadaqah, and if they do not posses wealth or work, he may give his Sadaqah by performing good deeds and shunning evil
He also stated that "Each step you take toward prayer is Sadaqah."
Doing Good Deeds
Abu Tharr also narrated that Rasoolullah said,

"Your smile for your brother is Sadaqah."
The Prophet also encouraged people to speak kindly to and about one anotheras it is another form of Sadaqah
Unfortunately, many Muslims talk badly, and use vulgar or bad words in their everyday vocabulary, which should be stopped
Rasuloollah said, " Protect yourself from the Fire by giving a Sadaqah, even half of a date. Whoever does not find it then should do that with a good word."
Kind Talk
Muslim society is composed of faith and morality, but some individuals choose to stray and perform bad deeds
Muslims should continue to encourage each other to perform good deeds, and in doing so the kind Muslims will receive Sadaqah
The Prophet explained that if you encourage a person to do a good deed and they do it, you receive an equal award of what the person gets
Using Others to Do Good and Avoiding Evil
Islam teaches us to not only care for our society, but our environment as well
Allah and His Messenger encourage us to grow plants and trees, especially fruitful ones
It is reported that the act of planting a seed or tree is considered as Sadaqah
In other words, protecting and caring for our environment is Sadaqah
Planting a Seed or Tree
Sadaqah, Without Paying Money
When asked how a person can give Sadaqah everyday, the Prophet stated that they could say the tasbeeh and tahleel, which all count as Saqaqah.
Sadaqah on Animals
Animals are also a precious part of our environment, to the Prophet has encouraged us to be kind and care for them, for it is Sadaqh and leads to Jannah
The Prophet wanted us Muslims to be nice to all animals and treat them with respect, and those who did not will be punished
In conclusion, all good deeds are examples of Sadaqah without money, and Allah (SWT) rewards us when we commit them.
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