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Bob Weekes

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of M1:U1:L2

Complete the Writing Journal for 9-12

Learning Targets

• I can make inferences to deepen my understanding of Inside Out & Back Again.
• I can cite evidence from the novel to explain how incidents reveal aspects of Ha’s character.

Numbered Heads Together Protocol:
You each have a number 1-4 on your desk. Those are your current groupings. Know your number, as it will be important later.
Question: You will be discussing this question: based on what you saw on the first day, what do you think might have to happen to a little girl to make her say that she would prefer war at home in Saigon (Vietnam) to peace in Alabama (the United States)?
Discuss in your numbered heads group. You have two minutes
Record your thinking on page 5 in your Unit Packe
Looking at the Text
Take a minute to flip through the book and look at how it is structured. Think about these questions:
* “What do you notice about how this novel is written?”
* “How is it like other novels you have read?”
* “How is it different?”

It is written in
free verse poetry
. Free verse poetry is poetry that doesn’t use a regular rhythm or rhyming pattern. It does, however, look like a poem with the layout and line breaks.

It consists of

a group of lines that form the smaller chunks of a poem.
Remember, making inferences means you are determining meaning based on information not directly stated in the text. You were inferring yesterday based on the images you looked at. When we infer, we use specific information in the text, combined with our background knowledge and/or what the text said earlier to understand incidents, characters, and theme.
Inside Out & Back Again
leaves many aspects not directly stated, and will require many inferences.
What does it mean to
cite evidence
You will need to prove what you believe the novel is saying by quoting accurately with words, phrases, and details from the novel.

Including page number with proper MLA format.

What is an inference?
1975: The Year of the Cat
Today we start reading the novel by taking our time to closely read the first poem, “1975: Year of the Cat.” Keep in mind that often readers need to reread texts multiple times to really understand and appreciate them fully.
You will hear “1975: Year of the Cat” read aloud. Whenever I read aloud, you should read silently in your heads (this promotes fluency).
What is our purpose on a first read?
Find the gist of the poem—what the text is MOSTLY about.
1975: The Year of the Cat
Turn-and-talk: What is the gist?
There are specific traditions on Tet that Ha and her family follow
Numbered Heads Together: What details really strike you as you read this poem? Why?
Reread with new purpose
Closely reread the poem and think about this question:
What have you learned about Ha in this very first poem?
Page 6 in your binder
Ha is stubborn
"I decided / to wake before dawn / and tap my big toe /to the tile floor / first"
she is breaking the tradition.
Even though she knows it's bad luck to touch the floor before her brothers, she does it anyway.
Numbered Heads: Text-Dependent Questions
1) Tet is a special day. When is Tet, and what two events are celebrated on Tet?
Both New Year’s and everyone’s birthdays are celebrated on this day.
2) How does the family celebrate Tet?
3) How does this special day affect the other days?
They must smile (Stanza 4)
New clothes, eating sugary lotus seeds and glutinous rice cakes (Stanza 2)
No sweeping or splashing water (Stanza 5)
"Mother says how we act today foretells the whole year."
4) What does the narrator (Ha) do that might bring bad luck?”

5) “What can you infer about the narrator based on this action?
Ha might be brave, or stubborn, or not superstitious
On pages 2–3, she wakes up before her brothers, and taps her toe on the floor first.
Reviewing Things Close Readers Do (Page 7)
Find two more on your own
1) Get the gist
2) Reread
3) Cite Evidence
Fist to Five:
• I can make inferences to deepen my understanding of Inside Out & Back Again.
• I can cite evidence from the novel to explain how incidents reveal aspects of Ha’s character.
Read pages 4-9 for gist
Add TWO Ha traits to the "Who is Ha" chart
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