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Fast Food

No description

Stephanie Baribeau

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Fast Food

The Product Fast Sodium and Calories(Burger King) Calories History of Burger King Rick Disease History of Taco Bell Food Resources Histoire of McDonalds : In 1954, Ray Kroc help make a device that called was called “ Mulimixer ”, it a device that makes milk-shaker. Ray Kroc discovered that there was a McDonald that was owned by Dick and he made hamburgers and he also owned eight Mulimixer. Ray Kroc went up west to see if this was true. It was true. Introduction All over the world fifty thousand people eat at a fast food joint every day. But nobody really knows what the fast food really does to the body. But here is the question, Why is fast food so bad for the body and how did it start? Studies prove that the most fast food places that people eat are: McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger king. Also, how did the fast food industry really start? All the questions will be answer about fast food. So he gave the idea to the McDonald brothers to open more McDonald all over the world. So Ray Kroc did open McDonald's all over the world. So he started by opening the first restaurant in 1955 in Illinois. The food tasted the same in every restaurant. In 1958, McDonald’s sold its 100 millionth burger. Ray Kroc didn’t do it alone. He believed, “In business for yourself, but not by yourself.” To achieve his vision, he chose a unique path – to persuade franchisees and suppliers to join him in working for them, together with McDonald’s. 1967 to 1970, McDonald's opened their first restaurants in Richmond, British Columbia, London, Ontario and in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Sodium and Calories (McDonalds) Sodium is a mineral that the human body needs but it can also be dangerous. Sodium is used to keep water within the body. But too much sodium will dissolves the water throughout the body. This can lead to high blood pressure, kidney damage, strokes, and heart attacks and among other problems as well. The intake of sodium that a human can have per day is two thousand three hundred milligrams McDonald’s food is really high in sodium. For examples : Bacon N' Egg Bagel with Multigrain Bagel has one thousand and ninety milligrams, Angus Bacon & Cheese has one thousand nine hundred and ninety milligrams and Big Mac sandwich has one thousand twenty milligrams. Calories are fat that gives you energy. But if the intake of the calories is too much they will be some weight grain. McDonald’s food is really high in calories. For examples: Large French Fries has five hundred and sixty calories, Bacon and Eggs sandwich three hundred and twenty calories, Poutine has five hundred calories and ten white chickens has five hundred calories. Facts about McDonald Sixty two million people go to McDonald every day, which is bigger than the population of Great Britain. According to Barbara Booth, McDonald's director of sensory science and leader of the Quality Center for McDonald's, the oil that McDonalds uses has a lot of Trans fat, even the food that they label “No Trans Fat”, for example, French fries, hash browns, the McChicken and McRid sandwich. Also McDonald’s sells more than seventy-five hamburger’s every second. Image 1 will identify the average of sixty-three kids from the age of 3-5 around the world that go to McDonalds per month. In 1952, Glen Bell started the menu with hamburgers and hot dogs As he was building his menu he really liked Mexican food so he changed his menu to fried tacos. Suddenly he comes up with the idea to start selling hot dogs, chili dogs and chili sauce he made himself. Later on he started to make stuffed tacos. Glen comes up with the perfect ingredients for his taco but he did not want to change the menu, so he came up with the idea to sell tacos out of a window for ten cents. The Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme has one thousand one hundred and twenty milligrams Sodium and Calories (Taco Bell) Taco Bell now serves more than two billion diners each year. In 2009, Taco Bell asked Billy Mayes to shoot commercials about Taco Bell. His unexpected death cancelled those plans. On January 17, 2010 Glen Bell passed away at 86 years old. Over two billion burritos are sold every year. Taco Bell meat is only thirty-six percent beef. They mix the beef with water, soy lecithin, an anti-dusting agent, and 'natural smoke flavour.' There are more than 143,000 Taco bell employers. Taco bell goes though sixty- two millions pounds of pinto beans, one hundred and six pounds of cheese and 3.8 billion tortillas 2012. Taco bell serves two hundred and ninety five millions pounds of ground beef a year. Image 2 will show the percentage of people that think that Taco Bell is not good for the body. Facts about Taco Bell In 1954, James McLamore and David Edgerton opened their first Burger King in Miami, Florida. There believed that a good company has to have good food. In 1963, the first international restaurant opened in Puerto Rico. In 1969, Burger King went to Canada, Windsor, Ontario. Canada plays a big part of the success of Burger King. High in sodium -Poutine with Bacon has two thousand four hundred and thirty milligrams -Chicken tender (20 pieces) has one thousand five hundred and thirty milligrams -Steakhouse XT burger has one thousand five hundred and ninety milligrams -Triple whopper with cheese has one thousand two hundred and forty calories -Original Chicken sandwich has six hundred and eighty calories -Double Hamburger has three hundred and seventy calories. Soduim Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap has one thousand three hundred and twenty milligrams the Fries Supreme has one thousand six hundred and ninety milligrams. Calories Mexican Pizza has six hundred and sixty calories cheese quesadilla has four hundred and eighty beef soft Taco has two hundred and ten calories. Facts about Burger king Burger king operates more than eleven thousand and eight hundred restaurants in all fifty states and in seventy four countries and United States territories worldwide. In 2008, Fortune magazine ranked Burger King America’s one thousand largest operations. Burger king also travels to the US Army so there can eat there burgers. Overweight Conditions When a weight has a body mass that measures over thirty, the person is considered to be obese. It is important to understand that Body Mass (BMI) does not include muscle mass. Obesity is a common rick factor in multiple conditions such as: health complications hypertension, type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Here are different types of obesity: Simple Obesity: when a person does not burn the enough calories, Secondary obesity: results from underlying conditions such as Cushing's syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, and insulin tumours. Childhood obesity occurs when children and adolescents are above the normal body weight for their age and height. If the body becomes too overweight the labatory would have to performer surgery. The Doctor will place a band on the stomach. The band will help to create space to limit how much food the patient eats. A lot of overweight conditions are created by fast food because the body does not get the nutrition’s that it is supposed to get from the food. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), fast food consumption is strongly associated with insulin resistance. There are two types of diabetes the first is a chronic condition that begins as you’re a child. Most people are diagnosed before there comes adolescence but some can be diagnosed as adults. The condition is a lifelong it cannot be cured. A person with second diabetes the fat, liver and muscle does not respond to the insulin, those people die quietly. Diabetes Cardiovascular Disease: This condition is caused by the build-up of plaque in the arteries and may lead to heart failure. Image 3 shows this. The symptoms are chest pain or chest discomfort, pain in one or both arms, the left shoulder, neck, jaw, or back, shortness of breath, dizziness, faster heartbeats, nausea (feeling sick to your stomach), abnormal heartbeats and feeling very tired. This is an illness that you can result from easting fast food. This can only hurt if someone eats fast food every day. Conclusion In conclusion, fast food is not good for the body. Fast food can cause heath problem like overweight conditions, Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Also the sodium and calories in the food is not that good for the body, they can lead in to high blood pressures and stomach problems. Here is some stuff that is possible can do instead of eating out all the time you can prepare meals in the morning and life world be so much better. Also it would be better if instead of eating out all the time eat maybe like once or twice a month. Go to 3:40 then 6:43
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