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The Future of Strategy Implementation in the Firm

No description

Kevin Seidl

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Future of Strategy Implementation in the Firm

The Future of Strategy Implementation in the Firm

The Future of Strategy Implementation in the Firm
Interview 1
David Corbin:
Vice President at Vermeer Manufacturing
Status Quo
Amazon's current approach to strategy
Analysis and Suggestions
Gold team analysis of research and interviews and suggestions for the future of strategy implementation
Status Quo
-Overview of Amazon
-Key leadership principles
-How they execute
Corporate Social Responsibility
Lean Start Up
David Corbin
Vice President at Vermeer Manufacturing
John Tone
Executive Vice President of Servicing at PennyMac Financial Services
-Leader in adaptability
-Transformative culture
-Started selling books
-Transitioned to sell everything including ebooks and web services
Key Leadership Principles
14 key principles
-Customer obsessed
discover unserved markets by identifying customer needs
-Invent and Simplify
new and innovative ways for customers to benefit
Half of 14 principles focus on accountability
Measure financial impact of the operational philosophies
Built with scale in mind from the beginning
Revolutionized their primary market giving them capital to innovate
Responsible for setting company strategy

Develop 5 year strategy that evolves as well as quarterly strategy

Track employees, customers, sales, inventory, and costs
Plan Do Check Act process
Evaluations using SWOT, CI, Impact Difficulty Matrix
Risks: Lost market share, changing customer preferences, international issues, and political uncertainty
Future Direction

Need flexibility built in to long term strategy

Must consider social responsibility as is has a direct affect on bottom line

Strategy implementation will be
constantly changing moving forward

Lean Start-Up
What is it
Favors experimentation and customer communication over elaborate planning

Impossible to figure out the unknowns until you begin

End up creating a product for a market that no longer exists
Quickly react to customer needs

Fail fast, fail small so you easily can recover

Discover new customer segments (GE example)
Corporate Social Responsibility
What is it
Firms ethical decisions regarding how they spend money and engage in business

Companies tracked on Domini 400

Consistent negative impact on stock price when a company exits the index
Interview 2
John Tone:
Executive Vice President of Servicing at PennyMac Financial Services
National mortgage lender and servicer

Head of compliance and strategic planning
Environmental scan, organization assessment
to pinpoint capabilities and marketplace

Transform this into goals for business units
Units have to give monthly progress reports

Adjustments to assignments are made quarterly
Months of negative returns after incident
Independent of normal market volatility

Firm must focus on the how not just SVA
Must be a decision included in long term strategy execution
How To
3 Components:
-form untested hypothesis

-gather early and frequent customer feedback

-provide minimum viable product
Had planned for recession and did not lay anyone off.

Evolve strategy to improve customer productivity and satisfaction

Strategy will evolve to work in global environment
Rarely uses outside resources but will benchmark against competition

Combination of proactive and reactive

Know your niche to position product to weather storms
Agree with Amazon, PennyMac and Vermeer approaches

No one perfect strategy implementation template

Business Plans no longer sufficient

Firms must be customer-centric & adapt to market trends

Are the companies we studied on the right path with their strategy implementation?
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