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Fashion MArketing

No description

Monica Gutierrez

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Fashion MArketing

By: Monica Gutierez Objective:
Analyze, develop,
and market current
fashion trends into
sales strategies. Fashion Marketer:
works with others in the field, sch as
designers, artists, and CEOs to create
and market new merchandise. Fashion Marketer Manager:
A professional that focuses on publicizing brand, such as designer labels or department stores. Education: Fashion marketing deals with different aspects of the marketing management: from fashion analysis system analysis to the study of fashion marketing and communication degrees
required courses cover business concepts related to the apparel and lifestyle of the fashion industry such as the consumer behavior, retail practices, inventory management, international trade and fashion buying
Associate's Degree for fashion marketing and Bachelor's Degree in business administration Job:
individuals employed as fashion marketing managers usually have extensive job experience and in the industry are tasked with various of responsibilities.
assist their employers with analyzing advertising campaigns and monitoring brand quality and oversee a number of subordinate employees
monitor the reactions of customers and retail outlets to new products and brand initiative What did i learn from my senior project?
many art schools in particular offer degrees in fashion marketing-- associate's degree
i need to take courses in business
education is more of an emphasis in academics rather than art What i didn't learn from my senior project:
whether i could study this career in a university rather than an art institute
can you get a higher degree than associate's for fashion marketing Steps to become a Fashion Marketer Manager:
Bachelor's Degree in business and coursework in Fashion Marketing
break into business by applying for internships
promotions in a company are usually obtained through experience, leadership and skills
it is important to reamin current with the latest trends in the fashion world
fashion marketing directors must keep up to ensure their company is marketing the latest styles
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